... The Games People Play

   No matter what direct sales company you are affiliated with you know  using games at your Home Shows adds variety!  They can be used to break the ice, make your presentation, talk about recruiting, etc.

   The following games might help spark your own creativity to liven up both your shows and your sales!   Your contribution to the game list is welcome!  

Send your ideas to:  vonda@vondasvine.com

Word Search Dime Game SUNNY SUMMER SONGS GAME  by Syd
Barnyard Bingo Christmas Elves - Right/Left


Envelope Show Game Ice Breakers HOH GAME by Celeste
Speedy Writers Basket maker Bunnies - Right/Left GRANDMA'S PIE GAME
Jingle Bells Candy Game


Christmas Games Santa Claus Is Coming To Town HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW YOUR HOSTESS ICEBREAKER
Let's Travel to the Hawaiian Islands What Is In Your Purse? OBSERVATION GAME ICEBREAKER
Lots of Laughs Silly Questions CHRISTMAS PENNIES
Can You Hold That Pose? The "Yes" or "No" Game


Fortunes of The Foolish Don't Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch HOW WOULD YOU USE THIS PRODUCT?
About Your Job - Recruiting Game On Time BRING A BANANA
Pass the Basket Steph's Body Parts Game  
Closing Your Show with the Left/Right Game New Version of L/R Game  
I Never How Many Do You Remember?  
Diet Rules (for fun reading) Official Baby Boomer Qualifying Exam  
Counting "F"s Candy Game  

Snowman Game

·   Everyone in the group needs a piece of paper and a pen.
·   We are going to draw a snowman, but you have to listen carefully to the instructions.
·   Everyone needs to close their eyes.
·   Draw a circle for the snowman's body.
·   Draw another smaller circle on top of that one for a head.
·   Put a hat on his head.
·   Draw 3 charcoal buttons on the body.
·   Give him 2 eyes, a nose, and a mouth.
·   Draw 2 stick arms.
·   BONUS: draw him holding a basket.

Points: 5 points if head and body touch
        10 points if hat and head touch
        15 points if eyes, nose, and mouth are in the head circle.
        20 if all buttons are in the body circle.
        25 if arms touch the body.
        Bonus Points:  50 points if basket touches the body at all!

*** Gift to most points and gift to least points ***   

Candy Game


This is a fill in the blanks kind of thing.  You can have ONE big list that everyone reads from, or you can do it in groups (3-4) or pairs depending on the size of your group.  Put candy on the floor where everyone can see each of them to "fill in the blanks".  Set a time so they are trying to beat the clock and each group.


The winners should get the $100,000 Bar!


The red planet - Mars

Happy, but not laughing - Snickers

A famous author - Oh Henry

Famous street in NY - Fifth Avenue

Favorite day for working people - Pay Day

Can't think of the name of it - Whatchamacallit

A galaxy - Milky Way

Home of the movie stars - Hollywood

Can't hold anything - Butterfinger

Famous baseball player - Babe Ruth

Sweet sign of affection - Kiss

A double letter of alphabet candy - M&M's

Indian Burial place - Mounds

The Purpose - Riessen

Shiny Shoes - Mary Janes

Less than one - ZERO

Johnny & Susie sitting in a tree - Sweettarts

1920's Dance - Charleston (Chews)

A clown - Chuckles


How many do you remember?

Don't cheat. Count the ones that you do remember.

1.   Blackjack chewing gum
2.   Wax Coke-shaped bottles with colored sugar water
3.   Candy cigarettes
4.   Soda pop machines that dispensed bottles
5.   Coffee shops with tableside jukeboxes
6.   Home milk delivery in glass bottles with cardboard stoppers >
7.   Party lines
8.   Newsreels before the movie
9.   P. F.  Flyers
10.  Butch wax
11.  Telephone numbers with a word prefix (Olive - 6933)
12.  Peashooters
13.  Howdy Doody
14.  45 RPM records
15.  S&H Green Stamps
16.  Hi-fi's
17.  Metal ice trays with levers >>>
18.  Mimeograph paper
19.  Blue flashbulbs
20.  Beanie and Cecil
21.  Roller skate keys
22.  Cork popguns
23.  Drive-ins
24.  Studebakers
25.  Wash tub wringers
26.  Kukla, Fran & Ollie

If you remembered  0-  5 = You're still young
If you remembered  6-10 = You are getting older
If you remembered 11-15 = Don't tell your age
If you remembered 16-26 = You're really old!


Here is one you could read:

* If no one sees you eat something, it has no calories
* When drinking a diet-coke with a chocolate bar, the fat in the
chocolate bar is cancelled out by the diet-coke.
* When you eat with someone else, calories don't count if you do not
eat more than they do.
* Food used for medicinal purposes does NOT count (for example:
chocolate, toast, cheesecake
* If you fatten up the people around you, you will look thinner.
* Cinema-related foods have a zero calorie count as they are part of
the entertainment package and not counted as food intake (this includes:
popcorn, Candy Bars, M+M's, Ice Cream,  Soda Pop, Etc.)
* Biscuit pieces have no calories because breaking the biscuits up
causes calorie leakage.
* Food licked from knives and spoons has no fat if you are in the
process of cooking something.
* Foods that are the same color have the same amount of fat. Examples
are:  spinach and peppermint ice cream; apples and red Jelly snakes.
* Chocolate is a food-color wildcard and may be substituted for any
other color.. Anything eaten while standing has no calories due to gravity
and the density of calorie mass.
* Food consumed from someone else's plate has no fat as it rightfully
belongs to the other person and the fat will cling to his/her plate



Name the Beatles - both the first and last name of each, of course. Consider this a warm-up. 

______________________________.. ______________________________... ______________________________ ______________________________

Finish the line: "Lions and tigers and bears, ____.. _____!"
Admittedly, this came along before we boomers were born.  But we remember it from both the movies and the boob tube.

"Hey kids, what time is it?" ______ .._________.. ________.. ________.

What do M&M's do?  _____.. ___ ..______ ..________, .._____ ..___ ..____.. _______.

What helps build strong bodies 12 ways?  _____________.

Long before he was Mohammed Ali, before he was The Greatest, we knew him as _________   _________.

"You'll wonder where the yellow went, _______   ______   _______   _______ _______   _____   ________________."

Those post-baby boomers, or baby boomer wannabes, know Bob Denver as the Skipper's "little buddy." But we true boomers know that Bob Denver is actually Dobie's closest friend,
_____________.. _.. _____________.

 M-I-C: See ya' real soon; K-E-Y: _____?  _________ ..___ ..______ ._______."

Definition: A "streaker" is someone who might go running through the lobby of the girls' dormitory ______________. 

 "Brylcream: ___ ________ _______ _______ ______ _______." >

Mr. Clean gets rid of dirt and grime and grease in just a minute, ___  ______   ________   ________    __________  _________  _______  ______ _______________   ________   ___   ____, Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean.

>From the early days of our music, real rock 'n roll, finish this line:  "Oh I wonder, wonder, who be-do oh who"; _______ _______ ..____.. _______..  ___.. _______."

And while we're remembering rock n' roll, try this one:
There she was just a walkin' down the street,  _________ ____...____...________,  ________...____... _______....___.

This is from a kinder and gentler protest song, but the question is just as profound: Where have all the flowers gone?  Perhaps you could use a little help here: "Where all the flowers gone, long time passing? Where have all the flowers gone?  ____ ..______.. _____.. _______.. _____.. ____."

Meanwhile, back home in Metropolis, Superman fights a never-ending battle for truth, justice, and ____
_______________ _______.

He came out of the University of Alabama, and became one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the NFL and later
went on to appear in a television commercial wearing women's stockings.  He is Broadway ______ .._____________.

"I'm Popeye the sailor man; I'm Popeye the sailor man. I'm strong to the finish, ______ ..__.. _____.. ___.. _______. 
I'm Popeye the sailor man."

Your children probably recall that Peter Pan was recently played by Robin Williams, but we will always remember when Peter was played by ___________  ..____________.

In the movie, The Graduate, young Benjamin, played by Dustin Hoffman was counseled about his future, and told to consider one thing: _______________.

In another movie from the late sixties, Paul Newman played Luke, a ne'er do well who was sent to a prison camp for
cutting off the heads of parking meters with a pipe cutter.  When he was captured after an unsuccessful attempt to escape, the camp commander (played by Strother Martin) used this experience as a lesson for the other prisoners, and explained, "What we have here, ____..___. ___________ ._____  _________________."

In 1962, a dejected politician chastised the press after losing a race for governor while announcing his retirement from politics. "Just think, you won't have ________   ____________ to kick around any more."

"Every morning, at the mine, you could see him arrive; He stood six foot, six, weighted 245. Kinda' broad at the shoulder, and narrow at the hip. And everybody knew you didn't give no lip to ____.._______."

"I found my thrill, _____ _______________ __________."  You may remember Riche Cunningham singing this.  But if you  are a true boomer, you know it was Fats Domino who made this line famous.

"Good night, Mrs.  Calabash, ___________ ____ ____." This originated long before even the first of us boomers was born. But in order to be a true baby boomer, you have to have some breadth.

"Good night Chet. - Good night, David." "______ .______ .________...____  .______.. _______."

"Liar, liar, ______.. ___ .._____."

"When it's least expected, you're elected; You're the star today. Smile!  _______ ___ _______ _______."

>From our parents' day, as I recall, it was Pogo, the comic strip character, who said, "We have met the enemy, and
_____ ____.. _____."

What did the he do when he put the bop in the bop she-bop she-bop? ____-_______ ___ _________ __________ ____ _________ ________ ____.

1 - John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr
2 - "oh my"
3 - "It's Howdy Doody Time"
4 - melt in your mouth, not in your hands
5 - Wonderbread
6 - Cassius Clay
7 - "when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent"
8 - Maynard G. Krebs
9 - "Why? Because we like you."
l0 - naked
l1 - "a little dab will do you."
12.   Mr. Clean will clean your whole house and everything that's in it
13 - "who wrote the book of love."
14 - "singing, doo wah diddy, diddy dum diddy do"
15 - Girls have picked them every one
16 - The American Way
17 - Joe Nameth
18 - "'cause I eats me spinach"
19 - Sandy Duncan
20 - Plastics
21 - "is a failure to communicate"
22 - "Dick Nixon"
23 - "to Big John"
24 - "on Blueberry Hill"
25 - "wherever you are"
26 - "And good night for NBC News".
27 - "pants on fire."
28 - "You're on Candid Camera."
29 - "he is us."
30 - I don't know, but he made he made my baby fall in love with me.



Now count the F's in that sentence. Count them ONLY ONCE: do not go back and count them again. See below...

DON'T CHEAT!!!!!!!!!!


There are six F's in the sentence.
A person of average intelligence finds three of them. If you spotted four, you're above average.
If you got five, you can turn your nose at most anybody. If you caught six, you are a genius.
There is no catch. Many people forget the "OF"'s. The human brain tends to see them as  V's and not F's. Pretty weird, huh? Pass this on to anyone you feel would enjoy this.

A game that my high-school age daughter loves to play is "I never."  Everyone holds up 10 fingers and takes turns saying something they've never done. If someone else has done it, they have to put down a finger. The object, of course, is to think up things that most people have done that you've never done. "I've never had a jalapeno milkshake" wouldn't get many fingers down, but "I've never flown in an airplane" would. (So long as it's true, of course!)



Twas the first of September, and we knew right away,
We could finally order {Your Company} for the Holidays!
We scanned the Holiday flyer and new {Your Catalog Name},
Looking for just the right gift for each name on our lists!
The ornaments, baskets, wrought iron and more,
Left us wondering what else {Your Company} had in store.
It seemed the company had made the right choices;
Adding the new {Product} -they had heard our voices!
Moreover, since we'd left a bug in their ear,
There were new Holiday {Product} this year!
Basket purses returned, as many had suggested;
It left us feeling we were getting just what we requested!
The pottery left us breathless with all that was new-
A {Product}, {Product}, a {Product}, and {Product}, too!
The Holiday {Product}filled us with delight;
Our season's decorations would look just right!
A right jolly snowman by the fireplace sat;
With a {Product}on the left side of his hat.
Above him on the mantle - now what could that be?
{Your Company} first {Product}since 1983 (or whatever date)!
What could be left for {Your Company} to address?
A special '{Product}of thanks' for each October Hostess!
So many new choices, such a horrible plight!
Tell our husbands that we'll take it all.... yeah, RIGHT!

Closing Your Show with the Left - Right Game   Brenda  Heartwoven Treasures Branch Advisor  

This was written with a basket company in mind -- convert it to use with your direct sales company!

 Give a small door prize to one of the guests.  She/he  passes it left or right according to when left and right directions are read in the show closing.

If you left home with the intention of shopping for gifts, remember we have the right gift for everyone.  Review your shopping list.  We wouldn’t want anyone to be left out.  You may have found something for YOU to help you decorate your home or help you to be more organized. As you know, the {Your Company} has wonderful hostess benefits and income opportunities.  I hope I have left you with the desire to know more so you will want to have your own show or become a consultant like me.

When your order comes to (Hostess) in about 3-4 weeks, please check it right away and if something is not right, please ask (Hostess) to call me. You can be sure I will take care of it right away and make it right.  You don’t want to be left with something you are not 100% satisfied with, right?  If you’d like to earn free merchandise as a hostess, or if this is the right time for you to explore joining {Your Company} as a consultant, please talk to me right after the end of the show.

I’ve enjoyed being here with all of you and I hope that you have had fun too.  Please look at all the products left on display as I sit right over there and help you place your order for the right products to fit your needs.  You pay for your order right now or if you left your money at home, you can give (Hostess) the money right before she closes her show.  (Hostess) is planning to close her show on ________________.

You may pay with cash or a personal check made payable to me.  My name is in the upper right corner of your order blank.  If you don’t have enough money left in you account right now, you can charge with Discover, Master Card, or  Visa. 

Make sure you consider checking one of the spaces right below my name.  At least one of them should be right for you.  The first space lets me know you want to be able to get a half-price item like (Hostess).  If you want all the right information about new products, the last space right below my name is what you should mark.  The only space left is the one I marked in January 1991.  If you always want a discount on Longaberger®, that’s the right one for you too. 

Thank you, (Hostess) for inviting me right into your home.  One of the greatest compliments each of you could give me would be to invite me to help you with your show right when it fits your schedule best.  We want to be sure (Hostess’) booking gift doesn’t have to be left off of her order, right?

Right as soon as no one is left looking at the products on display, I will pack it up right like it was when I left home.  Since there is nothing left for me to say except THANK YOU, let’s congratulate our winner right now!

An addition to the above:

I just did a show Thursday evening and I used a game off of your site.  It's under "games" and it's called "Closing Your Show with the Left-Right Game" by Brenda Linn.  I just have to share that I used the Hostess Appreciation {Product}and added to the 2nd from the last paragraph the following. "And, if you have grown attached to the {Product} right there in your hand, then booking a show for October is the right choice for you.  After all, the price of free is certainly right."  It was well received.  I got a booking for October 10 and a $1,000 in sales!  Thanks, Brenda, for the cute closing.  Kitty


I use this at shows parties and I get a lot of kicks from it.

Name the parts of the body

Something to keep tools in-                  Chest
Type of macaroni-                                Elbow
Part of an apple-                                   Skin
Grows on a corn stalk-                         Ears
Tropical trees-                                     Palms
Edge of saw-                                        Teeth
What carpenters use-                            Nails
Part of a clock-                                     Face/hands
Some dogs bury these-                          Bones
Parts of trees-                                       Limbs
A command-                                         Heel
A place of worship-                             Temple
Weather clock-                                     Vein
Part of a cup or glass-                           Lip
Part of a river-                                      Mouth
A clam-                                                 Muscle
Wild on Valentine's Day-                      Heart

Divide your guests into two groups.  Pile an odd number of baskets in the middle of the  groups.  (Odd is important since you have to have a winner that way and don't end up with a tie.)


Decide which team goes first.  They chose a {Product}and must tell a use for it within 10 seconds.  If the other team can give another use for it, the first team must pass the {Product} to them. The {Product} is passed back and forth until the team without the {Product} can't think of another idea.  The team holding the {Product} keeps it until the end of the game.  The team with the most {Products} wins.


(I wouldn't recommend more than 5 {Products}because the game goes on too long.  Limit uses to categories--i.e. a team should give "fruits" as a use instead of one group naming apples, and the other team saying grapes, etc.



Here's a game I like to play around Easter Time:

Change the questions to fit the selling period. I have about 6 dozen plastic eggs and I filled about ˝ with candy( like kisses or whatever looks like Easter) In one of the eggs I have a piece of paper that  said "You are the winner" I gave away a chocolate basket.  Print the questions and cut each and fold. Put them in a basket or pottery that you want everyone to fall in love with.  Ask the hostess to help you  give out the eggs to whoever answered question correctly. As the hostess I passing out the eggs then you can respond to that question with information about product or whatever in written in the square next to the question. After you have talked about that product, then the next person will draw a question and so on…..It is a nice change to your show presentation.   Have Fun!

We're going to have an EGG citing time tonight and we're going to play a GAME called  SCRAMBLED EGGS. 

What I want you to do is get a basket or pottery that you can collect eggs in. I have some questions in this basket that you will pull out.  Introduce yourself when you pull the question out of the basket. Who ever can answer question will get an EGG for you basket.  BUT WAIT UNTIL THE GAME IS OVER TO OPEN YOUR EGGS. You can have what's inside and someone will win a PRIZE!


Sample Questions:  

How many are past {Your Company} hostesses?
    Let them share what they got as a Hostess and give them 2 eggs.  Host $350 show in March  and April w/ $350 show

Who likes to give gifts to their friends and family?
    Any of our {Your Company} products make the perfect gift that can be treasured for a lifetime. Because our products are DECORATIVE AND FUNCTIONAL

Who love all the {Your Company} and likes Money too?
Tell why I became a consultant. I wanted all the {Your Company} products, made so many friends from selling baskets, extra income, flexibility. Tell about the kit they get!  

How many collect the {Product}?
Tell about {Product} that are current -- uses, collectability, etc.

Whose favorite color is Blue?
    Feature new products in the color you chose to feature.

What country are {Your Company} Products made in?
   USA!  {Your Company} is committed to keeping jobs in the USA

How many of you have trash (or some other undesirable household problem)?
Feature a product that will help with that problem.

Who likes to Wash Clothes (or some other undesirable household chore)?  

Talk about product that helps with that chore -- 

How many of you are collectors of anything?
Tell about a Collectors Club. etc.  Feature documentation such as a Bentley Guide or other public documentation.

How many made A's in History?
{Your Company} History. 

Who owns an {an item that you use WITH one of your products}?
Tell how that item works with one of your products.

How many like crafts made by hand?

Tell how your products are made.

How many like to garden?
    Feature products that have flowers, are useful in the garden, etc.….

Who likes sparklers on the 4th of July (or any upcoming holiday)?
Feature products available during an upcoming holiday


This may be good if the guest don’t all know each other.

Have a wrapped gift ready. When all the guests arrive give it to the first person who came through the door, and tell them they can’t open it yet. Then pass it to:

The person there with the youngest child

The person there with the most children

The person married the longest

The tallest person

The shortest person

The last person to hostess any home show

The person with the longest hair

The person married the shortest time

The last person to arrive

The person to her lift is the winner!!

This is a cute quick ice breaker.


Give everybody who is on time a raffle ticket.  As you are giving your demonstration, you will be challenging the guests to earn more raffle tickets.  Pick up a product from your demonstration table, then offer a raffle ticket to the first person who can tell you what page this item is on.  Do this numerous times during your demonstration.  When you are done, have a drawing.  If you are afraid you won't remember which page things are on, have note cards on your demonstration table to refer to.


You can also play a game where the guests as questions about your job.  For example:  A person asks a question about your job, "Why did you decide to sell {Your Company}?"  As you answer the question, give them their raffle ticket.  While you are doing this you want to pay attention to who asks you the most questions, in other words, the one or two that seem the most interested in your job.  At the end of the question session, draw tickets for prizes.  As you are totaling your orders and collecting the money, remember to ask those individuals one on one about joining you in selling {Your Company}.  Make an appointment with them to get together to discuss it. 


This game is a game to get your guests to book a show of their own!  Try it, you'll like it!

First you will need one dozen plastic Easter eggs in SIX colors (2 pink, 2 blue, 2 green, 2 yellow, 2 purple, 2 orange) or any six colors you can get.  Place different items in the eggs on paper (see list below or choose your own) and let each guest pick an egg.  Tell your host not to pick the certain color egg that you placed "you are going to book a party today because your host is having a party".  Don't allow them to open the eggs until everyone picks one.  Explain the rules before you hand out the eggs.  Let them choose if they want to play or not - remembering to tell them about the OTHER things in the eggs.  Explain the hostess benefits they can earn by having a show of their own!

These are things you could use in the eggs.




2 Orange Eggs = YOU JUST WON A PRIZE!!




Place these eggs into an egg carton and place it where the guests can see them and wonder about them.


Have your guests answer these questions - then ask them the second set of questions.

1)  Write "yes" or "no"

2)  Write a number from 1 to 75

3)  Pick a number from 1 to 10

4)  Pick a number from 1 to 100

5)  Write "yes" or "no"

6)  Name a place

7)  Pick a number from 1 to 100

8)  Write a descriptive word

9)  Name a worldly possession

10)  Name a trade or profession

11)  Name a fault of your own

12)  Name a flower

13)  Write "yes" or "no"

14)  Write an affirmative expression.

15)  Name a period of time

16)  Write down the place you were last night

17)  Write "yes" or "no"

18)  Write a sentence of 2 to 6 words

19)  Write "yes" or "no"

20)  A member of your sex present in the room


After guests complete these questions, have each take turn reading their answers aloud after you ask the following questions:


1)  Will this fortune influence your future behavior?

2)  How many years will it take before you achieve your secret desire?

3)  How many children will you have?

4)  How many pounds will you gain in the next ten years?

5)  Will you lose all your hair before you are 50?

6)  Where will you enjoy most of your life?

7)  What will your weekly income be in dollars?

8)  How will you look in your old age?

9)  What is one big desire to own?

10)  What would you really like to be?

11)  What keeps you from being more popular?

12)  What expresses your personality?

13)  Do you think very highly of yourself?

14)  Do you have a secret admirer?

15)  How long do you know him or her?

16)  Where did you first meet him or her?

17)  Has he or she asked you for a date?

18)  What did you say?

19)  Do you think anything will ever come of the whole thing?

20)  Who is your foremost rival?


POINT GAMES ~~ Guest with most points wins


10 points if you live in the state where you were born

100 points if you live in the house where you were born

15 points if you got up before 7 a.m. today

20 points if you washed the dishes before you came to this party

15 points if you are wearing tennis shoes

15 points if you are wearing boots

10 points if you are wearing dress shoes

10 points if you kissed your husband today

20 points if you kissed your boyfriend today

100 points if you kissed them both

25 points if you have ever been in an airplane (up in the air)

50 points if you went to church last week

100 points if you are going to book a show today to help your host achieve her sales goals

20 points if you have ever been a hostess for a party like the one we are having now


Point Game #2


There's a point for the ladies whose shoes are red.

There are three points for the mother whose children are in bed

Two points for all guests when their name has letters more than four, but if your name has eight that is great - give yourself four more

And three if your name is Pat

And five points for anyone who brought a hat

And if you have something that's gold tonight, we'll give you six, 'cause it's precious and bright

Now one point for red nails and two for red toes

And add seven for anyone wearing a rose

Who washed the dishes before they came?  Please add six because there is no shame

Add two points if your hair is brown, but please don't frown, add three points for each of your crowns.

Now add two for each child that you have in your home, and three if you brought a comb.




Do you have earrings?                                                                   

Do you have blue eyes?                                                                15 pts.

Do you have red hair?                                                                  25 pts.

Are you over 5 feet 6 inches tall?                                                15 pts.

Are you wearing fingernail polish?                                             10 pts.

Do you have a gold chain on?                                                        5 pts.

Do you have a ten dollar bill in your possession?                       15 pts. 

Are you wearing a dress?                                                            20 pts.

Do have red shoes on?                                                                 50 pts.

Are you over 35 years old?                                                          25 pts.   

Be honest - do you have a hole in your sock?                              10 pts.

Are you wearing a Timex watch?                                                25 pts.

Are you wearing a shoe over size 8?                                           15 pts plus 5 pts. full each size over

Are you wearing "running" shoes"?                                             10 pts.

Do you have a crown on your tooth?                                            50 pts.

Have you come in a blue car?                                                      15 pts.

Are you wearing glasses (contacts don't count)?                          10 pts.

Is the outfit you are wearing have buttons on it?                             5 pts. for each

Are you a former {Your Company} Hostess?                              50 pts.

Are you willing to have a {Your Company} Show?                  100 pts.


Have guests add up scores -- highest score wins a prize.




Ask everyone to respond to these questions by following directions ... PRECISELY!


If you have a car and you know how to drive, hold up your hand.

If you enjoy being with people, wiggle your fingers.

If you have a telephone and love to talk, hold up your left hand.

If you like money and wish to have more of it, raise your right leg.

If you have lots of {Your Company} products and are glad of it, raise your left leg.

If you like giving your opinions or saying what you think, nod your head.


Now pick one of the most enthusiastic people from those who have two or more hands and legs in the air.  Have everyone else hold their position until guest comes up front.  Then have the guest introduce themselves to the group and select a {Your Company}product he or she wants to buy or has at home and have them demonstrate it.  Tell them you have something to talk to them about later.  (Recruiting bid!).  Give everyone a prize for being such a good sport!




Ask each question to answer the following questions, you may have them write them down or answer aloud.


When was the war of 1812?  1812

How much would 100 eggs cost at 12 cents per dozen?  $1.00

Who wrote Ben Franklin's autobiography?   Ben Franklin

Where had Sherman been when he marched from Atlanta to the sea?  Atlanta

Who is the father of Zebedee's children?  Zebedee

Who fought the Spanish/American War?  Spanish and Americans

Who wrote Spencer's Fairy Queen?  Spencer

Who was president during Jefferson's term?  Jefferson

What is the Queen of England called?  Queen

What do they mine in stone quarries?  Stone

What was "Stonewall" Jackson's nickname?  Stonewall

Who invented Whitney's cotton gin?  Whitney

What does the Statue of Liberty stand for?  Liberty

What is a rag rug made of?  Rags

How many quarters make a pair?  Two




Use these questions and challenge your guests for the answers.  Check to see if their knowledge is correct.


Do you know why storks stand on one leg?

Because if they lifted the other one they would fall.

If you had a sandwich and I had a sandwich, what would you have?


If you went into a room and only had one match, and there was a kerosene lamp, an oil heater and a wood burning stove, which would you light first?

The match

What is the best possible use for oak bark?

To cover an oak tree

What was our president's name in 1947?

Bill Clinton

How do you get down off an elephant?

You don't, you get down off of a duck or a goose.

Why can't a man living in Winston-Salem, MC, be buried west of Missouri?

Because he isn't dead.

You take two apples from 3 apples what do you have?

Two apples

Some months have 30 days, some have 31.  How many months have 28 days?

All of them.

Do they have a Fourth of July in England?

Yes, if not, where would the 5th of July come from.




Give a prize to the guest that has the most items in her purse.  (Male guests may use wallet and pocket contents.)  Give guests a slip of paper to keep track of their items OR type all items on a piece of paper and let them check off what they have.


Outdated calendar

Burnt match

Old love letter

Safety pin

Postage stamps

Dry cleaning stub



Spool of thread

Picture of a man or woman you didn't marry

Parking ticket

Grocery receipt

Pills of any kind

Pair of sunglasses

Gum or candy


Tube of lotion

Hairbrush or comb

Something you think is really strange (consultant will determine strangest)


... another purse variation would be to have a scale and WEIGH the purse.  Heaviest wins!!





The following game is usually with the guests either placing a sheet of paper on top of their head and drawing as instructed, or by placing the  paper on their lap and drawing the picture with their eyes closed.  Remember to tell the guests that they must be honest and promise NOT to peek.


Give everyone a piece of paper, and tell guests to close eyes and imagine you are on a Hawaiian Island.


First, draw an island in the middle of your paper

Then to the left of your island, draw a ship.

Your island is surrounded by water, so please put some fish in the sea.

This is Hawaii, so put a palm tree on the island.

It's a nice day, so put some birds in the air.

That ship didn't get there by itself, so put a sailor on the ship.

He might get hungry, so draw some coconuts on the palm tree.

Sailors like to see where they are going, so put some portholes on the ship.

Sailors like entertainment, so draw a hula dancer on the island.


Now open your eyes and how does it look?


If you island is in the middle, give yourself 10 points

If your ship is to the left of the island, but not touching, give yourself 10 points

If you have more than 2 fish, give yourself 15 points

If the base of your palm tree is on the island, give yourself 20 points

If you have more than 2 birds in the air, give yourself 20 points.

If your sailor is on the ship, not swimming, give yourself 20 points

If there are any coconuts on the tree, give yourself 15 points

If your portholes are on the ship, give yourself 20 points

If you hula dancer is on the island and not touching water, give yourself 20 points.

Now if the sun is ...

To the left, give yourself 20 points

To the right, give yourself 15 points

And if your sun is in the middle, give yourself 10 points.


Add your points up and guest with highest score wins special prize.  Perfect score = 165






Score one point each for the following that you have in your purse:


Postage stamp (to mail a last minute Christmas card)

33 cents exact change to buy a stamp to mail the last minute card

Someone's address other than your own (to mail the card to)

Bonus point for a separate address book

Credit card (bonus point for 5 or more)

Gas credit card (for gas needed to find the elusive gift)

Bonus point for a credit card holder

Aspirin for headaches

Tissue for battling winter sniffles


Footie for trying on those great shoes on sale

Tape measure to figure out how your are going to get it all in the back of the car


Emergency candy

Purchase receipt for the inevitable return

Bonus point if over $25

Mirror to see how bad you look

Quarter to call home to tell them to start dinner without you.

Checkbooks to pay

Bonus 5 points - something with MY name/number - so you can shop at home and avoid the whole mess, I've got something for everyone on your list. 

SHOP {Your Company} COMPANY!!





Instructions:  Give each guest a sheet of paper and have the guests follow instructions.  Tell the guests they must draw the following items with their eyes closed.  Please no peeking!

We all know Santa had a belly that shook like a bowl full of jelly so draw his body
Now, add his head
Draw his left leg
Draw his right arm
Draw a boot on his left leg
Draw his right leg
His eyes, how they twinkled - Draw his eyes
His dimples, how merry - Draw a dimple on his left cheek
His nose was like a cherry - Draw his nose
His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow - Draw his mouth
Draw his left arm
Draw a boot on his right leg
The beard on his chin was as white as the snow - Draw his beard
A stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth - Draw a pipe
And the smoke it encircled his head like a wreath - Draw a circle of smoke
A bundle of toys he had - Draw a sack next to Santa
He spoke not a word but went straight to his work - Put 2 presents in the sack

He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf
And we'll laugh at your pictures, in spite of ourselves.
Now pass your paper to the guest on your right
And we will total your points for the winner tonight.

5 points if Santa's head is on his body
10 points if his legs are in the right place
10 points if his arms are attached to his body
15 points if his boots are on his feet
10 points if his eyes are on his face
20 points if his dimple is on his left cheek
10 points if his nose is on his face
10 points if his mouth is on his face
15 points if his beard is in the right place (on his chin)
20 points if his pipe is in his mouth
15 points if the smoke goes around his head
10 points if the sack looks like a sack and is next to Santa
20 points if both presents are in the sack




Give all guests a piece of paper and pencil.  Using a timer, give guests 2 minutes to write down their favorite food, favorite drink, and as many people as they know who live within 30minutes away from their home.  Give a a small gadget to the person sharing your favorite drink, and one for your favorite food.  Give a larger gadget to the person with the most names on their list.  Then, tell them all they just planned their own {Your Company} Show in two minutes - "wasn't that easy?"  Give a gift to anyone who decides to date right then.





Candy is always on our minds around Halloween.  Lots of advertising on TV, radio and newspapers for candy for trick or treaters - so play this little game at shows.


I like to give out the fun sized candy for little prizes - sometimes I just throw it out with the clues.  They just guess the right names:


The red planet (Mars)

Happy, but not laughing  (Snickers)

A famous author  (Oh Henry)

Famous street in NY  (5th Avenue)

Favorite day for working people (Pay Day)

Can't think of the name of it  (Whatchamacallit)

A galaxy  (Milky Way)

Home of the movie stars  (Hollywood)

Can't hold anything  (Butterfinger)

Famous baseball player  (Babe Ruth)

Sweet sign of affection  (Kiss)

A double letter of alphabet candy  (M&M's)

Happy cattleman  (Jolly Rancher)

Classical concert  (Symphony)

Academic outcasts  (Nerds)

Not a Big Mac  (Whoppers)

Charlie Brown's friend (Peppermint Pattie)

Sun explosion  (Star Burst)

Round flotation devices  (Life Savers)

A feline  (Kit Kat)

Present & past  (Now and Later)

Jackpot payout  ($100,000 Bar)

Pleasingly plump  (Chunky)

What bee's make  (Bit O Honey)

Single women look for him  (Big Hunk)




Take a strip of thin cloth ribbon and give each guest a nice length of it with one Christmas jingle bell threaded on to it.  As you go along with your presentation, pause and ask questions like "does anyone know {Your Company's Founder} mothers' name?", "father's name", "the name of this particular basket", "what year the company was founded", or whatever details you want to cover in your presentation ... then go on to talk about the products and ask as you hold up a product if anyone has this basket and what they use it for.  As guests provide answers, you give them a bell to add to their ribbon.  After the presentation, the guest with the most bells get a prize.  All the guests get to keep their string of bells and may use them as a Christmas tie-on.



Once upon a time, there lived an Easter-basket maker just left of the {A Location Particular To Your Company} and right across the street from {A Location Particular To Your Company}. He was very poor. He had just enough splints left to make one basket, one left handle and one right handle. He left the splints on the bench and went right to bed. 

Soon some bunnies came right through the window and started to make the basket. First they made the right handle and weaves. They used just the right amount of splits, cutting it just right, weaving it just right. Then they used the splints that were left to make the left handle and weaves. As the stars left the sky, they left, right through the window. 

Right after breakfast, the basket maker went to his workbench and found the basket. He sold the basket and since he always did the right thing, he immediately paid his bills. He used the money that was left to buy more splints. He left the splints on his workbench and went right to bed. 

Soon the bunnies came right through the window and started making baskets, right and left. First they made the right handle and weaves. They used just right amount of splints, cutting it just right and weaving it just right.  Then they used the splints that were left to make the left handle and weaves.
Right as the stars left the sky, the bunnies left, right out the window. 

In the morning, the basket maker found the baskets and sold them. Every night the bunnies came through and made baskets left and right. 

One night the basket maker and his wife Bonnie, hid right behind the wall just left of the workbench. They wanted to see who was making the Easter baskets. 

Soon the bunnies came right through the window and started making baskets right and left. First they made the right handle and weaves. They used just the right amount of splints, cutting it just right and weaving it just right.  Then they used the splints that were left to make the left handle and weaves.
Right as the stars left the sky, the bunnies left, right through the window.

The basket maker and his wife decided to make some baskets for the bunnies.  They bought just the right amount of splints, cut it just right, wove it just right and made baskets just the right size for the bunnies. That night instead of splints, they left the baskets on the workbench. Then they hid right behind the wall. 

Soon the bunnies came right through the window and found the baskets.   They tried them out and they fit just right. They left, right through the window and danced right down the street. 

When the people of the town heard what the Easter-basket maker had done, they made him mayor. Which goes to show...if you do the right thing at the right time, in the right place, you will not be left out.........right?.....RIGHT! 



Give everyone a piece of paper and pen.  Tell them they have one minute to write down the names of FIVE friends.  Give a small prize.  Then have them list FIVE relatives over the age of 20, or whatever age.  Give small prize.  Then list FIVE people from their church group, etc.  Give small prize.  Keep going with different groups until they have actually compiled a list of 30 or so people, then tell them to keep their list.  When you ask for bookings, and they say "I don't have any idea who to invite ..."  you can tell them they just made their guest list during the game you played.




Place a picture of a product on a piece of paper (good use for left over {catalog name}).  Make several different pages with different products (1 on each) on them.  Tape a sheet on each guest's back.  Have guests walk around the room asking yes/no questions about the product that is on their back.  Only one question per person can be asked, then move to next person.  The person who guesses what product is on their back first wins.  For instance, I have no idea what product is "on my back".  So I would as a person "Do I have a {Product} on my back?" or "do I have a {Product} ?"  The answer can only be yes or no.  Once you narrow down the product line, you can ask things like "does the name of my  {Product} have to do with food (vegetable)?", "does the name of my {Product} have to do with a season? (spring)", "am I a {Product}?"  People come up with their own questions -- these are just examples.




Explain that the guests need to think of their house, just as it was when they left it. 


Now, imagine surprise company just called and they will be there in 30 minutes.

Then pass a NEW toilet bowl brush around the room.

As each person holds the brush they can introduce themselves and explain what type of cleaning THEY would rush to do in the 30 minutes.

It is fun to hear each person's 'fetish' must clean area.  Of course many people explain how they quickly "stash" clutter or a counter of unread mail and newspapers into a {Product}!


Have a door prize type drawing and award the "winner" the new toilet bowl brush as their prize! 




I did this 'game' with a crowd and it was more of an icebreaker ... no prize.  They really participated!   


Give guests a list of famous people and have them write which basket/pottery that person would use.  They can use their {Catalog Name}, which most people like to start looking through right away anyway.


For Example:


George Washington   berry, pie plate (inaugural)

Martha Stewart    oregano, parsley, Botanical Fields fabric, etc.

Betsy Ross  darning, button, Homecoming, All American, etc.i

Dear Abby   envelope, pen pal, note pal, newspaper, etc.

Peeping Tom  show sneak peak of what is coming


Try to have the list diverse enough to bring in the baskets, pottery, wrought iron, fabric, hostess, booking, etc. so you can cover these points


Have everyone write down ideas, then read back through the famous person list and let them read out their ideas.  They are involved!  The see LOTS of uses for the products!  



Show Ice Breakers

Have everyone jot down a statement about themselves that they think no one knows about them. You can participate too! For example, write: "I am terrified to FLY!" or "My hobby is gourmet cooking". Then, collect all the responses and number them. Read them off and have the guests write down who they think it is! It can really loosen up a group!  The person who gets the most correct wins a small prize, or you can give one piece of candy for each correct answer and the one with the most at the end is the winner and has the most candy as a reward.


 "Finish the Sentence" Icebreaker!

Have guests draw pieces of paper or cards that have the following statements on them. They have to finish the sentence:

* The Worst Sound In The World Is…
* If I Won The Lottery, I’d…
* The Funniest Thing That Happened This Week Was…
* The Best Part of My Day Is…
* The Craziest Part of My Day Is…
* The Best Vacation Spot Is…
* The One Thing I Left Undone At Home Is…
* If I were An Animal I’d Be…
* My Favorite Room In The House Is…
* The Best Job In The World Is…
* I’m Happiest When I’m…
* My Favorite Place to Shop Is….
* My Favorite Food Is…..
* I absolutely REFUSE to Eat…..
* The one thing in the house I’d LOVE to get rid of is….
* The most embarrassing thing that happened to me was…
* My New Years Resolution is going to be….
* My next BIG purchase is going to be…..




Everyone seems to have fun playing this and it helps you remember all that you want to cover in your show.


Fill envelopes with the following things (one item per envelope)


{Recruiting Info} (talk about being a consultant)

Hostess program page  (talk about being a hostess)

Fabric chart  (all the different fabrics available)

Other items particular to your company and product


... you get the idea -- something that will bring out a feature such as booking, feature baskets, etc.


Label each envelope with letter A-? -- let each person take one until they are gone (some might get more than one).  The person opens up the envelope and try to guess what the item referred to.  If holder has no idea when anyone could help them.  They sure have wild imaginations.




This is a re-vamp of the Basket maker Bunnies games.  If this is new to you, what you do is read this at your show.  First hand a small basket with a little prize inside to a guest (you might want to start 2 baskets on opposite sides of your group).  Whenever you say "right", they pass the basket to their right; when you say "left" it goes to their left.  The person who ends up with the basket at the end of the story, gets to keep the prize.  (Make sure they know up-front that it's the PRIZE they get, not the basket!!)


This story begins right after Halloween and is about a Christmas basket maker named {Your Company Founder} who lived just left of the {A Location Particular To Your Company} and right across the street from  {A Location Particular To Your Company}.  He was very sad.  He wanted to be Santa at the mall, but had to make baskets and that left him little time to do what he loved.  Since he didn't have a lot of money left to pay his bills, he knew the right thing was to keep making baskets.


He had just enough splints left to make 2 baskets.  One with a left handle and one with a right handle.  He left the splints on his workbench and went right to bed.  Soon some little Christmas elves came right through the window and started making baskets right and left.


First they made the right handled basket, using just the right amount of splints, cutting it just right and weaving a new pattern, just right.  Then they used the splints that were left and made the left handled basket with just the right amount of splints, getting it just right and weaving its new design just right.  As the stars left the sky the elves left, right through the window.


Right after breakfast (Your Company Founder} went to his workbench and found the baskets.  He sold the baskets and since he always did the right thing he immediately paid his bills.  With the money that was left he bought more splints, maple splints, natural splints, and he had money left for just the right amount of red splints and green splints.  Every night for all the weeks left until Christmas, soon after {Your Company Founder} left for his bed, the little Christmas elves would come right in the window and make sleigh baskets, and {name of} Baskets (change the names of these baskets for whatever the current Christmas baskets are called)  and {name of} Baskets.


With the time they had left before the stars left the sky they used just the right amount of natural splints to make the Hostess Basket to be given away free right after the hostess from October had her January show.  One night a few weeks later, right before Christmas Eve, {Your Company's Founder} and his daughters -  hid right behind the wall just left of the workbench.  They wanted to see who was making the special holiday baskets.


Soon the little Christmas elves came right through the window and started making baskets left and right.  Again, they used just the right amount of splints, cutting it just right and weaving the pattern just right.  Then they used the splints that were left and made MORE baskets.  Right as the stars left the sky the elves left, right through the window.


{Your Company's Founder} and the girls decided to make some baskets for the little Christmas elves.  They bought just the right amount of splints and cut them just right and wove them just right and made baskets just the right size for the little elves.  They even had brass weaves made to say Merry Christmas from {Your Company's Founder}, and his daughters, and left on on each basket.  That night they left the baskets on the bench and hid right behind the wall.


Soon the elves came right through the window and found the baskets.  They tried them out and they fit just right.  They left right through the window and danced right down the street. When the people of the town heard what {Your Company's Founder} had done, they made him the Santa at the local mall.  Which goes to show you if you do the right thing at the right time in the right place you will not be left you.  Right?  RIGHT!!



Ask each guest to write down their favorite barnyard animal, it can be any barnyard animal EXCEPT rooster.  Now, the associate has to determine this part by the number of people attending.  You have to give the guests a range of numbers to pick 5 numbers from.  For example, on a bus trip with 53 guests, you might tell them to pick any 5 numbers from 1- 45 and write them down on their paper.  After they have picked their animal and numbers then you explain the rules.  You will call out the numbers 1-? in a random order (like bingo) and any time you call a number they have written down, they must make the sound of their barnyard animal!  Once you have called all 5 of their numbers, to win the prize they must stand up, flap their arms and crow like a rooster.  This game is a hoot on a bus.  You can hardly call the numbers because of the laughter.  On one bus trip it was played several times with prizes of {Product}, candy bars, etc.




Give each guest a marked dime.  Then you pick a secret word - like your company name, products, locations, etc. that pertain to your company, whatever.  If you hear the guest say the secret word you take their dime away from them.  The person with the most dimes at the end of the party or bus trip - wins a prize.  Mark the dime with red fingernail polish.



Here's Vonda's favorite site to make her own word puzzles!  Easy to do!




Keyword: Sunny Summer Songs Game


Barb, here is the game I used.  I did not write the original version...another viner (sorry, can't remember who) shared it with all of us a while back.  I used her idea and added a few of my own choices.  I gave extra credit points if they knew the artist.  It is a lot of fun!  I will also include the original game/show that was shared on the vine.  HTH Syd


My Version:

Sunny Summer Songs Game


  1. Here Comes the Sun and I say, it’s alright… (The Beatles)

  2. But there ain’t no cure for the Summer Time Blues (Eddie Cochran)

  3. Summer fling don’t mean a thing but uh oh those Summer Nights (Grease Soundtrack; Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta)

  4. They serenade the weekend squire who just came out to mow his lawn, another Pleasant Valley Sunday (The Monkees)

  5. Do you love me, do you Surfer Girl (The Beach Boys)

  6. It’s a Beautiful Morning ahhh, I think I’ll go outside for a while and just smile…(The Rascals)

  7. Hot town, Summer in the City, back of my neck gettin dirty and gritty…(The Lovin’ Spoonful)

  8. It’s a cruel, Cruel Summer since your gone leaving me here on my own…(Bananarama)

  9. Under the Boardwalk down by the sea… (The Drifters)

  10. Sunshine on my Shoulders makes me happy… (John Denver)

  11. A bushy, bushy blond hair-do Surfin’ U.S.A (The Beach Boys)

  12. 2 weeks without you thought I’d forget, 2 weeks without you and I still haven’t gotten over you yet Vacation (The Go-Go’s)

  13. Summer Breeze makes me feel fine blowing through the jasmine in my mind… (Seals and Crofts)

  14. See You in September, see you when the summer’s through…(Don't know the artist!)

Tie breaker:

And he thought he heard the echoes of a penny whistle band and the laughter from a distant caravan, and the brightly painted line of circus wagons in the sand, fading though the Door into Summer (The Monkees)


Original Version:

SUNNY, SUMMER MUSIC – how many do you know?

(fill in the Song Title in the blanks below)
1. ____ ____ ___ ___ and I say, it’s alright . . .

2. ______ ______ makes me feel fine . . .

3. But there ain’t no cure for the __________ _____

4. Summer fling, don’t mean a thing, but oh oh, those hot ______ ______ . . .

5. Do you love me, do you ______ ____?

6. It’s a _________ _______, ahhhh . . .

7. Hot town, ______ __ ___ ____, back of my neck getting dirty and gritty . . .

8. It’s a cruel, _____ ______ since you’ve gone . . .

9. _____ ___ __________, down by the sea . . .

10. ________ __ __ _________ makes me happy . . .

11. A bushy, bushy blonde hairdo, ______ ___



. . . and I say it’s alright to host a Longaberger® show this summer!

SUMMER BREEZE – Seals & Crofts

. . . like our new Spring Floral pottery collection, which will look just fine on your table this summer!


. . . Longaberger has the cure: host a home show, or better yet, start your OWN Longaberger business this summer!

SUMMER NIGHTS – Grease soundtrack (John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John)

. . . light up your summer nights with our new 1 qt. Candle, Crock and Coaster sets, available with five different scented candles!

SURFER GIRL – The Beach Boys

. . . if you love your Longaberger Lady, book a party today!


. . . and our brand new Windox Box basket, planted with your favorite summer flowers, or even fresh herbs, will be beautiful to look at all day long!

SUMMER IN THE CITY – The Lovin’ Spoonful

. . . but you can cool things off with our Back Porch Basket set, when nothing but an ice cold iced tea or lemonade will do!

CRUEL SUMMER – Bananarama

. . . especially if you miss out on our great hostess specials for May and June (Geranium Set w/new Soap Dispenser, Back Porch Set w/both protectors, Bumblebee pin, Handle Gripper, 4-12 oz. and 4-17 oz. Beverageware tumblers)!


. . . with a basket for my baby, that’s where I’ll be! Because of course, Longaberger gifts are always in the best of taste, for birthdays, weddings, new babies, graduations and more !


. . . and so will our new Geranium Basket set, the 13th and final basket in our popular May Series, a tribute to Grandma Bonnie’s lifelong love of flowers!

SURFIN’ USA – The Beach Boys

. . . surf on over to our newly redesigned web site. Did you know that you can create your own personal Wish List? Great for when friends, relatives, even your "better half," asks what you want for birthdays, anniversaries, whatever! Just go to www.longaberger.com/"yourname"!





It was the beginning of March, and we knew right away,

Only a few weeks were left before the next Holiday

We scanned the March/April Flyer and Brand New WishList,

And we found just the right gift to fulfill a Mother's Day Wish.

The new Vintage Blossoms Basket, lid and liners with flowers,

left us all wishing that they were all ours!

We could not stop looking, what could be left for us all?

How about a Vintage Blossoms soap dish, soap set and that new Jewelry Roll?

The accessories, baskets, wrought iron and more,

Left us wondering what else TLC had in store

So without hesitation the right thing it seemed,

Was to keep on reading and continue to dream.

Can you believe it? Right there on the page!

Two brand new baskets to celebrate Father's Day!

The Tic Tac Toe and Checkerboard Baskets fit right on the side table

And the Dad and Games Pewter Tie On's seem to make a great label!

If he does not play checkers, then we are willing to bet,

He will feel right at home with the new solid pewter chess set.

TLC knew that not having the right accessories would make us all sad

So they created three new liners in oatmeal, sage and butternut plaid.

The Country Estates Collection is just the right thing,

Purses, wallets, key and card cases to get organized for spring!

Picnic Plaid Liners and Pottery in Red, White, and Blue

Left us feeling patriotic about the things that are new!

The All American Strawberry Basket looks right filled with berries red and sweet,

And the painted-pewter Strawberry Tie On looks good enough to eat.

Pastel Pink, Green and Yellow, right there in a plaid

Have joined forces with the whitewashed baskets to make us all glad.

Left alone or filled with flowers, toys or bargain buys,

A whitewashed gift basket with pastel plaid liner is always the right size.

New Colors, Cornflower, Paprika, Butternut, Sage, and Ivy, look right on fabrics made with care,

And they left us feeling pretty happy and excited when we saw them on the new Woven Traditions Dinnerware!

Please don't start to worry; Collector's Club members have not been left out!

The Three Piece Miniature Mixing Bowl Set and Wrought Iron Stand is something we all will rave about.

Also right here for you collectors, and created just for you,

Available to members only, Harmony Basket No. 2

TLC did not want to forget the hostesses, the basket kings and queens,

They honored them right away, with the new Weekender, Large Oval Waste and Soup Tureen!

Also for the hostess, there is a special craze! 

To earn the special booking baskets . . .the latest is the Sage.

There are some things that we left out, so don't forget to look.

At the brand new Spring/Summer WishList for the NEW products in that book!

There are only a few things left for me to say,

Thanks to all of you for joining us today.

And if you think you would enjoy doing what I do,

Sign up to sell the baskets - it's the right thing to do! 


Revised March 4, 2001

Sharon Osborne, Independent Branch Advisor





HOH GAME by Celeste

Penny, I'm posting shortly after reading your request, so this post is somewhat "stream of consciousness" writing--in other words, not completely thought through. Of course your trip has a message and a serious one, but you want it to be fun. If you contact your local chapter of the American Cancer society and give them enough time, they should be able to furnish you with those hanging shower exam cards to give out with your bus trip baskets, and literature as well. How about a "breasts of the rich and famous" matching game, where you assemble photos without heads of famous women and a list of names to match to (Dolly Parton, Mae West, Liz Taylor, Brittany Spears, Jackie O w/pearls, Anna Nicole Smith....)? Or do a search on the history of the brassiere, and assemble a quiz of sorts (true/false?) based on what you find. There are party game websites that will assemble word searches and other games based on the words lists you input--just think about where you could go with that. This would all be in fun of course.
One of my favorite quotes that I recall ever hearing about men and women (don't remember where it came from), is that when women look at their husbands they see them as they really are--when men look at their wives, they see the woman they married, as she was on their wedding day. The changes brought about by time are blurred to them, they are more forgiving than we are in what they see. This is something I find comforting as I age, and something I think would be comforting to survivors. I think if you follow a strong woman, fun woman theme, your guests will have a great time, laugh at themselves and be enriched. good luck!



JW Longaberger was famous for his handwoven baskets.  But did you know that Grandma Bonnie is famous for her homemade pies?  She made them almost every day when her 12 children were growing up.  To Grandma Bonnie - pies are love.


(Show Grandma Bonnie's Pie Plate)

Longaberger Potter is American vitrified pottery, made from a special blend of ingredients and fired at higher temperatures than ordinary pottery, for longer periods of time.  This is the same process used to make restaurant tableware.  It holds up under constant use, stands up to termperature changes between oven, table and freezer.  It is dishwaser safe and cleans easily.  It resists chipping, cracking and crazing.  Grandma Bonnie's Pie Plate bakes pies evenly and has a wide lip to minimize drips while baking.  (Tell several other uses besides baking pies for the pie plate.)



Have each guest draw a circle on a piece of paper; then divide the circle into 4 sections (the way Gr'ma Bonnie sliced her pies), then divide again (into 8 sections).  Have them write "APPLE" on one wedge and give the name of a different pie on each of the other wedges.  Explain that you have given them APPLE as a free space because if they purchase Gr'ma Bonnie's Pie Plate her famous Apple Pie Recipe comes with each pie plate.


Call the names of pies below in random order.  The first guest who crosses off all the slices of her pie must jump up and say "I ATE GRANDMA'S PIE!"  Award a small gift to the winner.


BLUE BERRY        BLACKBERRY        MINCEMEAT        PLUM       


BLACK BOTTOM        CHERRY        PECAN        APRICOT        BOYSENBERRY        RHUBARB        KEY LIME        RASPBERRY        PINEAPPLE        SHOO-FLY       




(A 30 y/o Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book was used as a resource - you may want to add some local favorites.  Created by Linda Jennings)




Year Round Game Show - saw this once at another company's homeshow and thought it was neat, so modified it to fit a Longaberger home show.


Okay, you're going to hand out 3 calculators:


Do this by asking, "Who is too busy to do a home/book party?"

Whoever volunteers gets to be the customer who is always to busy to do her own show.  Let them know this is only a game.


Next ask who would like to be the Host of this show?


And finally ask who would like to be the consultant?



Now let the hostess know your average home shows are ___$____ (we're going to suppose this hostess had a $500 show with ONE booking) and so ask her what she would like to spend her $70 Hostess money on that she has earned from her $500 show.


Let's say she picks:

10" Generations Basket for $39 and also the Small Gatehouse Basket which is also $39.  Now we've overspent by $8 - so have the play hostess enter $8 into her calculator.


(Hosts will likely pick things on display, so after she's picked it - it gives you an opening to go over a few features for your presentation).


Now, have the custoemr who's always to busy to do a show enter $78 into her calculator ...


Now then, let's say the hostess is toing to use her 1/2 price item to get the WORK-A-ROUND BASKET which lists at $199.  So have the play hostess enter $99.50 into her calculator and the busy customer enter $199 into hers.


Now the hostess is able to get a booking item and she chooses a tie on.  Have her enter $0 into her calculator because this is a FREE gift to her.  Have the too busy customer enter $8 into her calculator.  (Go over hostess benefits and booking benefits at this time)


Now have each total their expenses.


The hostess has spent only $107 plus tax - while the too busy customer has spent $284 for the same exact things ... QUITE A DIFFERENCE!!


Now the acting consultant in this scenario hasn't had any figuring to do yet.  So now have her take her $500 and figure 25% of that.  Let them know this is how much you made with the time you spent preparing and time you'll spend closing and how easy it was.  THEY could do it too!  (This gives you the perfect time to plug the recruiting pitch.)


Thank each one for their help and give each a small thank you gift.


I thought this was a cute way of plugging for bookings and recruits - so have fun with it.


Tina in PA requested this.  I combined a few posts from previous vines and added a few of my own to come up with the following game.  Type up the game on one side of the paper and number 1 -?  as to how many are on your bus on the back.  (Don't forget to add a line for the bus driver.)  Pass out the sheet right before they get off the bus so they don't pass it around the bus and get the signatures needed in #9.  Be prepared for a fun time.  My winners were two who worked together on it.  (See #16 - They came running up to me, accompanied by a stranger.  They had been looking for me for about 10 min.  The lady didn't want to give up her CC button, so they brought her to me so she could just show it to me.  (Of course, I allowed it.)  I gave each of them a small LB gift.
1.  Number of rows of weaving on the "World's Largest Basket" in Dresden
2.  Any "Basket" souvenir
3.  Placemat from "Popeye's Restaurant"
4.  Scrap piece of weaving from Make A Basket(TM) at the Homestead(R)
5.  Business Card from an Independent LB(R) Consultant NOT on this bus.
6.  Number of tables at the Sentimental Rose (TM) Tea Garden at the Homestead(R)
7.  Receipt from the Dresden I G A
8.  "Dave's 10 Business Principles" - pamphlet available in the Homestead(R) Welcome
9.  Signatures from everyone on our bus - on the back of this page
10.  LB(R) Comment Card available at the Homestead(R) Welcome Center
11.  Brochure, pad of paper, or ink pen from The Place Off the Square(TM)
                   (NOTE....change this to the name of your hotel/motel, etc.)
12.  Business cards from five different Dresden shops
13.  LB(R) "Visitor's Guide" available at the Homestead(R) Welcome Center
14.  A name tag from someone else's bus trip
15.  Any picture of the LB(R) Home Office in Newark
16.  CC or Consultant's Button from an Independent LB(R) Consultant NOT on this trip
17.  A total of your purchases so far
18.  A Dresden Newspaper
19.  Baskets currently being woven in the Manufacturing Campus
20.  A LB(R) family member's signature
Heading to Bee #3 on Tuesday AM..Can't wait
Barbara Wright



1. Favorite color
2. TV Show
3. Vegetable
4. Dessert
5. Beverage
6. Type of Meal: breakfast, lunch or dinner--chicken or steak Italian
or Chinese
7. Favorite Holiday
8. Music
9. Hobby
10. Restaurant
11. If money were no object, type of car?
12. If money were no object, vacation would be to?

The one who has the most knows their hostess, get a small prize!


Tell guests they are going to play a game to test their skills of observation. Then have the Hostess carry around a tray filled with items (the Hostess Serving Tray works really well with various items in it!) After she has shown the tray to everyone, have her go into another room. Then have the guests answer the following questions ... this is a hit because it is so unexpected, they will think you are going to ask questions about the items in the tray.

1. What is the color of the Hostess's outfit?
2. What is the color of her eyes?
3. Is she wearing high or low heels?
4. What jewelry does she have on?
5. How tall is she, within 1"?
6. Is she wearing glasses?
7. Are there buttons on her outfit?
8. Was she wearing any perfume?
9. What is the color of her shoes?

Some of the questions may seem a little too general and too easy, as there might be a lot of winners, please post to the Vine if you come up with any different questions.

Faye in Pa.  



Right Left Game

i put about 1.00 worth in a backset depends on the size of the group
the idea is  to send the basket around the room as you ask the following
question and have each guest participate by taking a penny the person
with the most pennies at the end of the game wins     {and not the

take a penny if you are Christmas shopping tonight
[ show the center of our catalog and bring a few of those items with you
to  show them what lovely gifts they would make]]

take a penny if you have a gift exchange to do this year
[ show the candle set for $19.00}

take a penny if you bake during the holiday season
[show of the new pottery    bowls]

take a penny if you love to decorate for the holiday
[show off the wrought iron piece for $39.00 and tell them how it can be
used during all seasons]

take a penny if you have a collection of Christmas baskets by
[and introduce the special hostess only basket]

take a penny if you need extra cash for the holiday shopping
[ talk about joining your group and doing what you do]

take a penny if your a collector club member
[ share the opportunity and show them a special basket for members only]
    how they can become a VIBC  very important basket collector

take a penny if you have guests coming to stay at least a weekend this
[ show off your style with entertaining with Longaberger book}

take a penny if you have a powder room or home office that needs the
perfect waste basket
[show off the oval waste]

take a penny if you know someone having a baby
[ the coaster basket is perfect for keeping pacifier]

take a penny if you are going to host a show this October & January
[ show off the hostess appreciation]

take a penny if you go caroling
perfect time for the caroling basket

take a penny if you would like a perfect addition to your Christmas tree
[ show off the trim a tree and tell them it is perfect to hide in the
with a special gift inside to be found there year after year      start a
tradition for the little ones]

take a penny if you need a new canister set
show a canister and tell them how air tight the  protector s  are

take a penny just for being here tonight
take a penny if you did the dishes before you came
take a penny if you had fun

remind them that the small canister is only available in November and the
small one is a great place to hide those few pennies they just made.

take a penny if you have a Christmas shopping show with me in November
my open dates are Nov 7, 13, 22, and maybe the  29th

;Hope you had as much fun as I have had tonight
this should be about it and end your presentation
my gift is a small ivy plant



I am sure this game has appeared in one form or another on the Vine -- probably where the person I got it from got it! -- but I have tried to update and revise every year, plus I have added a number of questions. 


As I said, it is an almost guaranteed good time for you and your guests -- easy, fun and results in good sales and many bookings most of the time.  Directions are at the end -- feel free to email me direct if there are any questions. 


Marianne in OH (basketbabe@adelphia.net)



(with thanks to Geri Moser)


Longaberger story – Tami and Rachel are 3rd generation to continue to keep this American craft alive


$100 Grand Bar . . .  SMALL BAKER’S RACK is an MVP in your kitchen or on your desktop
You can become a Longaberger MVP – join our team and see how easy making money and having fun can be!


A Longaberger career has been my recipe for success – it could be a smart move for you too.


Reese’s Cups . . . GATEHOUSE BASKETS
Can hang anywhere, even on ET’s bicycle


Lifesavers . . . BREAD BASKET
A lifesaver in every room in your house


Snickers  . . . TALL TISSUE BASKET
For when you laugh, till you cry!


To help your armchair quarterback organize his remotes; or to help organize wherever there is a space crunch in your house (hair accessories or makeup in the bath)


You’ll find being a Longaberger consultant worthwhile as you enjoy free products, great discounts and new friends (Bag a new career)


Baby Ruth . . . HOSTESS BASKET (any)
Our hostesses are MVP’s in any league and we treat them that way (HOSTESS BENEFITS)


An all purpose organizer:  collects items for errands, holds 8-1/2x11 file folders or even magazines and catalogs (the “Big Basket”)


Butterfinger bars . . . LARGE MILK PITCHER
pottery is chip/crack/craze resistant; perfect marriage of form and function


Now or Laters . . .  TEA BASKET
Whether you schedule a Longaberger party now or later, it’s guaranteed to be a good time for all!


Kit Kats . . . LITTLE MARKET BASKET SET (save $17 till 12/31!)
Also a great place to store pet treats, gravy and dressing mixes, recipe cards, greeting cards, etc.


Dum dum lollipops . . . 1 PINT CROCK WITH CANDLE
A “bright” idea for gift giving


solid board bottom, solid wood block handles


(freebie – guests name their favorite product and tell us why – also a good time to introduce Christmas baskets:  Joyful Chorus for Hostess, Caroling for guests, and Melody in Oct. only)


Hugs and Kisses . . . STUCK ON YOU BASKET
It’s not just for post it notes!


Fast Break candy bar . . . and if you need a fast break from the stress of holiday shopping, why not schedule a Longaberger party with YOUR favorite consultant? 


Milky Way Bar . . . For savings that are out of this world, check out the $19 special on our Candle/Crock/Coaster sets, now through 12/31.  Great gift giving ideas for teachers, babysitters, etc. 


A “Milk Dud” (Milk Duds candies) . . . but a Longaberger holiday show will be no dud with your family and friends.  Shop from your seat, not from your feet! 



* * *




Decorate brown paper lunch bags or white kraft bags with colorful markers, stamps, stickers, etc., and write all our product lines on them:  pottery, baskets, wrought iron, fabrics, protectors, etc. 


Give everyone paper and pen and one of the decorated bags before you begin so they can write down their answers.  I ask all the questions first, then go back to #1 and give the answers one at a time.  Be sure to pass around each basket after you’ve given that answer so they can choose a candy bar to put in their bag! 


DO NOT use all these questions – way too long!  I have found all these candies listed above in the “fun size” type bags at various points in time, so just use what is readily available in your area.  Substitute whatever products you may wish to showcase – work in holiday specials and/or Sweetheart specials.  Be creative with the candies you use too – a trip to Marc’s to check out their selection will give you plenty of ideas for different questions. 


This show is great because it gets a LOT of product into people’s hands – and everyone goes home with a bag of goodies to share with their family (or hide for themselves!).  I gave the winner of the game (with the most correct answers) a jumbo Hershey bar with a big bow on it – inexpensive but fun. 

I break the guests up into teams with 3 or 4 on each team.  I give each team a piece of paper with 25 blank lines on it.  I pick one of my products and set it in the center of the room.  I then give the teams 2 minutes to come up with as many uses as they can.  I tell them to be specific because any duplicate answers will be crossed off.  At the end of the two minutes I have the teams read off their answers.  All duplicate answers are crossed off.  The team with the most answers left wins.  I give a small gift to everyone on that team.  You could play "What would I wear with this" or "What would I cook with this " or any variation that would fit your products.  It is a lot of fun and gets your guests thinking about using your products.



Just write on your invitation, "BRING A BANANA". The curiosity kills everyone and it is a great attendance builder. They all want to know what the banana is for. Your hostess must keep the secret to make the game fun. At the party everyone's imagination got the best of them. You have them there, which is what you wanted and the purpose of the game.

You play a points game. Give out chips, cards, money, raffle tickets, whatever you use and the top points wins the prize. You can make it a bigger prize with a booking from the winner. Give points for whatever you want. Biggest, smallest, brownest, greenest, hardest, softest, etc. When all is done, your hostess serves ice cream/toppings and everyone makes a banana split as the refreshments. Increases attendance and good for laughs.

For a winter game, skip the ice cream, and the winner can win the bag of bananas.


As with any activity, you have to determine if this would suit the group you are working with. This activity does not use equipment, so it is easy to do on the spur of the moment.

I introduce the activity by telling the guests that I need their help. I teach them actions or sounds to make when I say key words in my presentation. These are rather silly, of course, but this encourages guests to listen for key words. Choose only about five actions or sounds so it does not get too complicated or long.

For example:

Collector's Club, they say "oooo"

"So Rachel" - they say "bing bong" (the sound of the door bell when the jeweller arrives)

"hostess" - they applaud or say "thank you!"

when they recognize a hosting benefit, they say "aahhhh"

"pottery" - they are to shade their eyes (from the brilliance!)

"fabric liner" (or just "liner)  - they rub their thumbs over their four fingers as if feeling the fine quality texture of the fabric

"booking gift" - "whoopee"

"book a show" - touch the side of their head and say "hmmm"