BEE Excited!

Each year Longaberger® hosts a dynamic convention for it's consultants called ... THE BEE!


Consultants gather from across the nation to be introduced to upcoming new products, network with each other,

attend training classes, shop, and get ENERGIZED for a new sales year.


This page is tips, thoughts, etc. to help you get ready to BUZZ off to the BEE!

BEE Attitudes & Etiquette




BEE Attitudes & Etiquette Handout

    This is a wonderful pdf format handout!    Click here!!

What to take to the Bee?  ...

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Top 10 Reasons to Go


Wilma's Tried & True


Where to eat


What to take to the BEE?



1. Tell us about what to take?

A TON of money, for starters! Hee hee! Actually, I take a 12 pack of Pepsi, small bags of snacks, such as Keebler cookies, etc. The snacks fit in my BEE Bag, and help when I get REALLY hungry. You should also bring along an excited attitude full of anticipation for an AWESOME experience.

2. What to wear?

The company suggests "business casual", whatever that means. However, I have seen just about anything. I think as long as it's tasteful (no tube tops!), it should be ok. Keep in mind that frequently you'll be walking OUTSIDE in downtown Columbus in the HEAT! I would not take jeans - much too hot! Anything loose-fitting (jumper, sundress, capris, walking shorts) should work!

3. How much money to anticipate spending?

It depends on how berserk you plan to get! I actually have a small amount of money deducted from every paycheck which goes into my credit union account. I started doing this last year, and plan on continuing this. This is my "blow money" which means I can blow it on any darn foolish thing I want to! Once I've spent that amount, then I'm DONE! I'm not using credit cards this year, thanks to having this account set up! Think about this: If you have $20 a week deducted from your paycheck, starting NOW for next year's BEE - then you'll have accumulated $1,040 plus interest. $10 a week would net you $520. Add to that - I stopped smoking. I added it up, and I was shocked to realize I was spending approximately $40 a week on cigarettes! As soon as I get back from the BEE I'm adding that amount per week to my Credit Union deduction for next year's "blow money".

If you don't have a full-time job, then think about setting aside a certain percentage of your commission each month for your BEE "blow money"! Another way would be to have a Cash & Carry Stop & Shop (Open House) a few weeks before the BEE - and sell off everything you can bear to part with, including your kit! You'll have a whole new kit of products from the Christmas campaign to show your customers after the BEE! You'll be surprised how quickly your account will grow!

4. Your favorite part of the Bee and why?

My favorite part of the BEE is the fellowship from the other Consultants in my Branch as well as meeting other Viners, and making new friends. Keep your ears open at all times, because there's always a lively exchange of ideas - even while waiting in line at the Company Store! Plus, YOU might be doing something which seems perfectly logical to you, but which SOMEONE ELSE may not have thought of and may benefit from!! Share your ideas freely - everyone wins!!

5. Tell about the Christmas samples? Do you get your samples there?

We can pre-order the BEE kit which usually includes some Christmas samples. The BEE Kit will be shipped to your home while you're at the BEE and will be waiting for you! There are different schools of thought about ordering the BEE kit. Some people wait until they see what's included in the kit at the BEE - then they order it. However, if you do this then your kit will be shipped later.

You can order samples while you're at the BEE - once we get the Sample list and Wish List. This may change since they've changed the sample rules. I was amazed at the people filling out sample order forms and turning it in! I was busy spending all my $$ at the Company Store, so there was NO WAY I could do both!

6. The Bee Basket and Tote?

Not sure what you're asking, here, so I'll take a guess! You can purchase up to 4 Bee Baskets and 2 BEE Bears. They are available at the Company Store and you can take them home right away! The BEE Bag is included as part of your registration fee and you are given it when you Register on Day #1.

7. Anything that would help a person have the best time ever...

Do your best to try to meet at least 3 new people each day. Avoid what I call the "herd" complex, which is where your group collectively goes EVERYWHERE together, including to the bathroom! You'll get so much MORE out of the BEE if your group splits up from time to time! After all, not everyone is going to be at the same place in their business, so some may benefit from an Express Class; some may need to brush up on their presentation skills; some may need a time-management class, etc. Don't be afraid to strike up a conversation with the person standing next to you!

Hope this helps!






What to take to the Bee:

Last year was my first year and the best advice I got was to take two suitcases that fit inside each other. In the smaller one pack your clothes, toiletries, etc. I saved room by only bring one pair of shoes and matching my outfits to that one pair of shoes also hotels have hairdryers now so no need to bring that. I did bring my Longaberger Notebook last year and did not look at it once so I will leave it at home this year. Pack the smaller of the two bags inside the larger of the two for the stuff you will be bringing home. I brought a small saddlebrook purse to carry during the bee, but a larger one to carry on the plane. Even doing this I still bought an extra suitcase at the Bee and filled that one too.

I spent $1000 total last year that was registration, hotel, rental car, food and stuff. This year now that I know what to expect I am planning on getting certain things and ordering others from personal shopper.

I got the Bee kit last year, but I waited to find out what was in it before I ordered and just placed the order at the Bee. I did not wait this year because I was so bummed when we got home and my friends had theirs and I didn't last year.

I pre-ordered my wish lists last year and did again this year. Less to carry home on the plane.

Sorry this is so long, but I just had to answer the questions asked. Can't wait for the Bee I am so excited.
Amanda in FL




1. Tell us about what to take?  Take lots of comfortable clothes and most importantly a comfy pair of shoes for all the walking!  It is a good idea to have one dressy outfit for your Directorship celebration but the rest of the Bee is pretty casual.  Don't forget to bring your camera, business cards and lots of plastic!  :-)

2. What to wear?  See above - you will see people dressed in everything from shorts to Bee costumes, just wear what you are most comfortable with!

3. How much money to anticipate spending?  This just depends on your self discipline and probably in most cases your available credit on that above mentioned plastic.  :-)  The Company store is unbelievable... It is usually nothing to drop $3,000 or more in there over the course of the Bee.

4. Your favorite part of the Bee and why?  My favorite part is just being able to hang out with my Basket Buddies from all across the US that I only get to see a couple of times a year, it is great to be with people who share your love of maple!

5. Tell about the Christmas samples? Do you get your samples there?  You don't get your samples there, if you choose to order the Bee kit (I recommend this!) then it will be waiting for you when you arrive home from your Bee.

6. The Bee Basket and Tote?  The Bee Basket is awesome this year, the same form as the Small Boardwalk and a very classy design.  Consultants can purchase four Sets each.  You receive your tote filled with your notebook, lunch coupons, award ribbons, etc. when you check in at registration on day one.  In the past we have been able to buy extras in the Company Store for about $25 each.

7. Anything that would help a person have the best time ever...  Don't just stick to your Branch members or the friends you came to Bee with!  Get out there and meet new friends and network, whether it be in line at the Company Store or in the various classes!  You will be so glad that you did!  :-)
Hope this helps, enjoy your first Bee!
Kim in WV





1. Tell us about what to take?

So far I haven't seen anything posted about what type of luggage to take with you.  You veteran BEE gals know how much we shop and how hard it is to pack all those NEEDED things in 1 little old suitcase, right?  :)

Well, here's what I've done in the past.  I take a large suitcase, put my smaller suitcase inside of it packed with my clothes, shoes, toiletries, camera, business cards, etc., and most often my pillow.  Yes, I hate leaving home without my own pillow to sleep on. :)  When I repack to go home, my large suitcase holds all of my Company Store shopping, Dresden Day shopping and my small suitcase has my clothes in it. 

You're probably saying about won't purchase enough things to fit into that large suitcase, but you'd be surprised what happens when you start shoping at the BEE and in Dresden.  Even if you don't fill the large one you can go back to putting the little inside the large and pack it to the brim anyway.

Kudos to everyone that won free Bee's and have a blast!





I was just looking for my Bee checklist of what to bring and wanted to share something that has worked so well!  When I go to the bank to get my travelers checks I always get a lot of dollar bills in their own envelope.  It is tip money for the bellhops, valets, waitresses and waiters, sky caps, and maid...we always leave a couple of dollars a day for the maid per person on our pillows. It's also great for those money eating pop machines at the hotel!!  Just a little Buzz to make the "What should I take to the BEE!!?" list.






by Becky of The Woodlands (formerly of Chocolatetown USA)


10. Meet your fellow Branch members and Bee "Basket Buddies".
9. Ask questions to Longberger® employees face-to-face - such as those in WebExpress, warehousing, shipping, Collectors Club, pottery, basket design, etc.
8. This year I get to buy my new literature at the Bee and bring it home with me... NO SHIPPING CHARGES.
7. Meet consultants from all over the country and share ideas (and emails for further communications).
6. Enjoy special things they do for us - like give us a FREE Medium Market Basket - and this year I get to get recognized as a NEW BRANCH LEADER.
5. Attend training sessions on what I want to learn about - selling, sponsoring, leading, displays ideas, etc.
4. I get to buy the Bee Basket, which I use as my "Opportunity Basket" at all my shows for the year.
3. Maybe I'll get a basket signed by Tami - that is always my goal - and if not, I'll get other family members signatures.
2. Getting to be the first to see the new products and policies - I'm at the first Bee!
1. Get that feeling that I am part of something bigger than me, part of a family of like-minded people.





by Wilma Brown


Keyword: The Bee
This is my 18th coming up. Can't wait. Haven't missed a one and don't intend to.
The first thing you should consider is coming in the day before your bee so you have time to unwind from the trip and get the only good night's sleep you'll get! There's not time to sleep, and you're so excited, forget it. I'm 64 and have Fibromyalgia. When I get home, I'm done in, but I keep going like the energizer bunny! I collapse mid-November (tee hee).
I am going to copy some things here that will help you.


Bee® Tips


H HH   What will the Schedule be?  H HH

You will get a specific agenda when you register along with your name tag, Bee bag, etc.

Please refer to your Bee Registration package and/or the website for a generic overview prior to arrival.


Day One

.Bee Registration - Awards Ceremony in the evening location noted in the Bee notebook


If you want to get caught up in all the excitement and try to attend as many events as possible, I recommend you arrive and register as early as possible. The workshops are relatively new and you will thoroughly enjoy the interaction. Be sure you do that. It's unrealistic to think you can make it to every single one, so look at the booklet now and decide which ones are most important to you.


I have always loved being there no later than 7:30 a.m. just so I have a few minutes to acquaint myself with the agenda and greet all my friends!  Then, I think it is fun to be going into the Company Store when it opens.  (Wilma speaking – frankly, I don’t know that I’ll do that again. The store is a zoo early and the lines are too long. I suggest you wait until later. They are now giving vouchers to see if you “win” the chance of getting some of the more sought after items. Praise God for that! You’re tempted to spend much more when you come early. Wait until later and you’ll save money.)



As soon as you register, I recommend sitting down and immediately plan out your day!  That way you are not walking around in a fog not knowing where to go and what to do.  Take your highlighter and identify everything you want to accomplish on Day 1. Attach your ribbons to your name badge and then check your contents of your BEE packet. Later that evening, go through and highlight what classes you want to attend.    My first stop after Registration is the COMPANY STORE!  I plan to arrive early and get through the store once before the classes begin! 


Remember that everyone is there with their own agenda/goals.  Please don’t expect folks you came with to be with you all the time or to entertain you.  Make an agreement with yourself that you will venture out and make new friends, make new contacts, and learn some great new ideas to enhance your business.  Many times you will learn something that can be shared at our Branch Meetings, something that no one else has shared.  The more we spread ourselves out, the better chance we have of gathering information that we can use in our own business.

I hope that you will attempt to attend every workshop possible. Why spend the money to attend the BEE and not take advantage of all the wonderful training!


H HH  What to Wear  HHH

Day one will be a day for business casual dress (please no jeans or cutoffs).  Wear comfortable clothes and shoes!  You will do a lot of walking throughout the Bee. Dress in layers. Some areas of the Convention Center or Arena may be chilly.


Day two is business casual (dress slacks, khakis, skirt) attire or what you would wear to a show.  No jeans, but jean shirts/skirts are perfectly fine.  You still want to keep comfortable shoes in mind!  You will see some people dressed a little nicer because of General Session and the awards that they will receive on-stage.


Day three is casual, cool and comfortable.  You will be doing a major amount of walking out in the hot summer sun so this day comfortable shoes and clothing are necessary.  An ice cold water bottle would also be refreshing.  Bring a bandana to wet if it is hot.  A nice, wet bandana worn around your neck will help you stay cool. You could wear walking shorts, crops, and the like.

H HH  What to Pack  H HH


·         Ensure your luggage has something bright attached to it for easy and quick identification, i.e., bright color yarn tied to the handles – more if you’re flying than anything else.


·         A watch to keep you on track for everything that is happening.  A small travel alarm to set in case the hotel “wake up” call is forgotten for your room. A small travel sewing kit, Band-Aids for your blisters caused by new shoes, tums, immodium, Advil/Aleve/Tylenol!  Cute jammies!  A fold-up umbrella for quick showers while in Dresden.


·         Change for tipping: = bags ($1 per bag), maybe $2-3 on your bed pillow for the housekeeper.  Bring lots of small denomination bills; i.e., $1s, $5s.


·         A photo ID will be needed when you register at the Bee.  Also bring your hotel and Bee confirmations.  Also good to bring your Collector’s Club card.


·         Don’t forget your camera and PLENTY of film, (recommend 400 or 800 speed).  Film is available, but you will pay a premium at the hotel or in Dresden.  You may want to bring along extra batteries, too! 


·         Suggestions you may have read recommend bringing a basket to carry purchases in, but I don’t recommend it because these may tend to be bulky.  You can use your Bee bag and the bags from the Company Store to carry purchases.  I recommend bringing a luggage carrier with wheels for easier transporting.  Handle grippers are highly recommended to carry the store bags.  The bags from the Company Store are heavy and the handles hurt your hands.


·         Bring a palm pilot, notebook and Sharpie pen or pencil and a highlighter.  Some people bring a small tape recorder.  There is a lot of great information disseminated during General Session.  Also great ideas are always heard when you are around others!


·         You should bring an empty envelope (bright color for easy identification) to put all your receipts in.  You may also want to record each purchase as you make it.  This will help you keep track of how much you are spending and also will make it easier for record keeping later.


·         The Bee starts very early every day, so you want to have some quick energy food on hand to snack on. Also, although you will find a wonderful assortment of vendors at the Hyatt, the prices are higher.  You are better off to bring soft drinks or bottled water with you as well as breakfast quick foods (unless your hotel has continental).  Day two lunch is provided (not sure this year about day one), but the rest is on your own, so you may want to keep this in mind when planning your food and beverage items.  During the General Sessions and Longaberger classes, you may want to also have a quick snack.  Most people bring a small cooler to keep items in their rooms.  Check with those you are sharing a room with and coordinate with each other, so everyone doesn’t bring the same thing.  Good things to have on hand:  chocolate, muffins, fruit, tea bags, juice boxes, bottled water (bottle can be refilled), bagels, energy bars, chips. 


·         If you have time to do this - Bring customer lists, Longaberger postcards, labels, stamps, and return address stamps.  That way you’ll be able to send cards from Dresden and have them postmarked with a special stamp (this is found at the Homestead to the left after you go through the welcome center).


·         Bring your planner/pda, small calculator, and plenty of business cards.  You will want to pass business cards out to the many new people you meet. Also another tip is to put a return address label on the back of your card that say’s “Met you at BEE 2003”. Also if there’s something special about that person that you want to remember, like a great idea, jot that down on the back of their card.


·         Bring a cell phone, pre-paid phone card or your long distance calling card to keep in touch with family, friends, and customers back home.  There are pay phones in the hotel lobby; but can be costly and you may have to wait in line.  When you use the phone in your hotel room, a telephone surcharge rate is added to your hotel phone bill. And always be aware of who is around you. Some people actually watch you and take down your special codes, etc. Cover the dial with your other hand.


·         Share your cell phone number with your roommates and buddies.  Or have walkie-talkies handy and put on the same channel. You can reach them all over Columbus and Dresden. This is an easy way to make sure you can locate each other or notify someone that you’ll be later than your scheduled meeting time. This really works!


·         You will have the opportunity to make many purchases while at the Bee.  The Company Store will be opened throughout the Bee and with everything that is available for purchase there and at the Homestead on day three, you may be overwhelmed!  When going through the company store, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING ON YOUR FIRST TRIP.  Instead write down what you would like and the cost.  This will cut down on impulse buying and help you to stretch your budget a little farther. Throughout the Bee, your cash, credit cards and checks will be accepted.


·         When packing your car, leave PLENTY of room to bring home purchases (maybe bring an EMPTY container/suitcase for your new goodies).  Remember your carpooling mate will also be bringing home goodies!


Hotel Registration.  Check into your Hotel as early as possible; anticipate long lines waiting to register.  You may want to leave your luggage locked in your car until you can register and get a room key!  No need to carry it around everywhere.  You could call in advance and see if your hotel can put your luggage in storage if you prefer not to leave it in your car.


Basket Repairs: Take your repairs the first day; lines are shorter!  See the notice on about FREE “simple” repairs! 


Classes.  Refer to the agenda you receive at Registration for specific times and location for the classes.  Always try to sit as close the front of the class as possible! You will be able to see and hear better, but be prepared--everyone will get out of the room sooner than you will.


The night before you are to check out of your hotel, pack and load into your car.  This makes the check out time much easier as the elevators will be very busy.


A Credit Card Broke My Heart

 (received  from Doris Fisher, RA, MO)


I first met him in the bank. He was very friendly and introduced himself as CC. I liked him immediately and wanted to get to know him better. I invited CC home. He was the generous type and assured me he would be there whenever I needed him.


My BA said he was a real "card" and warned me that he was nothing but plastic and to stay away from him. Nevertheless, we became great friends and began to go everywhere together I even invited him to the Bee!


CC paid for my room and bought me expensive dinners. He took me shopping at the Company Store and to the Homestead on Dresden Day. We brought home lids, liners, dividers, tie-ones, jewelry, T-shirts, clothes and more!!! We had a GREAT time together!! I could hardly get all my purchases home.


Which brings us to Bill.


Bill was waiting for me at the mailbox about a month later. He seemed nice at first, but when I asked him what his interests were he said 21.6% it was evident that all he was after was my money. To make matters worse, Bill and CC had this little trick planned all along and if I didn't pay up, CC could never go shopping with me again.


BA was right. CC was nothing but a plastic friend and I needed to reevaluate our friendship. BA advised me to book extra shows, repay Bill, and cool my relationship with CC.


The 2004 Bee is fast approaching. BA is getting nervous, but I've assured her that I can be trusted. I've taken her advice and booked an extra show here and there and put that commission into a special Bee fund. I've packed plenty of business cards to trade with vendors and I'll write on the back of their cards the things I see that I would really like to have. I'll contact them when I have the money to purchase the item and eliminate impulse purchasing.



This has been a busy year for me. I've worked hard and shed many-a-tear, but I've also learned a valuable lesson. My friend CC will be going to the Bee with me again. But, I'll be stingy with him this year AND I have my calendar booked for the fall - just in case I see a few items I can't live without!!


“If you can take 1 new idea home and implement it, then the Bee is worthwhile.”


Hello BEE Travelers!!                                                                         


?  Days before we leave for BEE 2003! Enclosed you will find helpful information gathered from years of experience. Also there is a fun sheet enclosed to help you create the “best” BEE photo album ever.


For my first couple of Bee’s, I was overwhelmed because every idea I heard was great and I wanted to do everything that was suggested.  My brain got on overload!  If you relax and remember the above quote, then it won’t take you as long as it took me to relax, have fun, and return home with a plan of attack.  I am excited you are attending. I hope to see you many times during the Bee days, and never hesitate to stop me in my tracks and ask questions, or share your excitement.  Your excitement keeps me going!


 Meet people. Don't be a wallflower. The people attending the BEE are basket lovers! Just like you! You have common ground! Have a couple of questions formed that you want help with in your business, or you want to get different ideas for. Then, ask everyone you meet, their opinion or idea. Have a little notebook with you so you can write down the ideas. You'll have so much fun gathering ideas and information and you'll make new friends....maybe even networking friends that you can continue to communicate with after the BEE is over! You'll have lots of opportunity to talk while standing in line waiting for one thing or another; while eating a meal; walking from one place to the next


In closing, so many hormones in one room, or bus, can be interesting!! Pack your sense of humor, when heading off to the BEE! Tuck in some patience.  Sometimes we get a little tired in Ohio, maybe even a little cranky....... and, lots of times PMS travels along with us ( who packed that in there anyway? - it wasn’t on the list!).... So you need to be prepared. CHOCOLATES........when hormones are raging. Seriously, I have found that flexibility is a great quality to bring along with you. Not everyone is going to agree where to meet for lunch, what time to get up in the morning, or who gets to shower first.


Pack lots of kindness, plenty of thoughtfulness, tons of laughter and giggles, an extra dose of shoulder shrugs, (you know.... to shrug off the small things), and have a FANTASTIC time!!!




~ Sue ~


Photo Scavenger Hunt for an AWESOME BEE photo Album

? You sampling the food at the gourmet kitchen area at the Homestead
? You standing in line at the company store (arms loaded with goodies)
? You Sitting on or standing in or near an oversized piece of pottery at the Manufacturing Campus

?You rooting for a Bee Line for Basket contestant or better yet, YOU running in the Bee Line for Baskets
? You holding up your favorite souvenir from the Bee

? You walking across the stage getting an award at any of the meetings/events
? You in front of the Apple Basket at the Homestead

? You with a VIP member
? You with a Longaberger Family Member/members
? You with your roommates in bed for the night (do we really sleep???)
? You with your Sales Leader

? and ME!
? You with a new basket buddy you just met at this Bee
? You with your vehicle loaded/Bus with all of your purchases (and somewhere in there is your luggage) and ready for the trip home
? You at the Tree House in the Homestead
? You in one of the Home of the Future rooms
? You standing with a Sales Achiever
? You standing next to the new WishList products and new Christmas products
? You "getting into it" at the Opening Session – wild and crazy!!!
? You enjoying lunch or dinner with some of your basket buddies

? You standing by your favorite "showcase sampler" idea
? You weaving your own basket
? You next to the World's Largest Basket in Dresden
? You sitting next to Dave's Footprints at the Homestead
? You in front of the Crawford Barn, Tea House, Longaberger Family Home (replica), etc.
? You shopping in Dresden

? Any other fun and unique opportunities


Happy picture taking and have fun!!


Directions to the Hyatt Regency / Columbus Convention Center


From I71 North and I70 East: (these directions are from the Hyatt Regency “direction” recording)  Both interstates merge together just on the West edge of downtown Columbus.


Take I70 East to the Fourth Street Exit, exit number 100B. 

At the top of the ramp, you will be on Third Street. 

Stay in the left hand lane and go one block.

You will be at Fourth Street, one way going to the left (North).

Stay on Fourth Street for twelve traffic lights through downtown.

You will then come upon Nationwide Boulevard on your Left.

Turn Left, and the Hyatt Regency / convention center will be at the end of the block on the Right.  Immediately to the left is the Crowne Plaza


Directions to the Homestead from Columbus


Return to I70 East.

Follow I70 East to Rt. 37 Granville.

At the top of the ramp, turn Left on Rt. 37.

Follow Rt. 37 to Rt. 16 East.

Take Rt. 16 East all the way to the Manufacturing Campus.  Stop on the way and get a grand tour of our Home Office!


When going to Dresden from the Manufacturing Campus


Turn Left out of the Manufacturing Campus on Rt. 16 East.

Follow to the next traffic light, SR 60.

Turn Right at the Light.

Follow to the next traffic light (McDonald’s is on your right) and turn Left.

Follow a few blocks to Main Street of Dresden!


Transportation and Arrival in Columbus

If you have not already talked to others attending the Bee, it is highly recommended that several of you carpool together and/or caravan to Columbus.  This makes the adventure more economical and fun!




While wandering around the house doing "Stuff" get that suitcase out put in on the floor in your bedroom and start dropping things in it that you need to BEE prepared like the following.

Your consultant name tag (till you get the official badge--especially  if traveling by bus with a group).

While you may be printing labels for a show or mailing how about  labels for your Homestead post cards to send to your favorite hostess/customers Or labels for the back of some of your business cards saying "You met at Bee in 2003"


Pack the right stuff

Your BEE registration

BEE luggage tags and/or itinerary

Fabric swatches, paint chips and wall paper swatches for matching with our home décor

Inventory your baskets ahead of time, so you will BEE ready with repairs or purchasing additional accessories.

If you are traveling by car or bus time to visit Costco Cost Cutters or just  the supermarket to buy bottled water for the long drive plus any snacks you may eat all week long


Here is a list I use to pack by bag just as a double check. You may not need all of it but some are suggestions. Some repeat depending on how you travel.


bee confirmation
drivers lic.
credit cards cash
travel checks
check book
telephone book
phone cards
cell phone
make up
house keys

clothes brush
air freshner
hair dryer
hot rollers
spare eyeglasses
portable radio
rain pancho
sewing kit
magnifying glass
plastic bag for laundrey
camera film  batteries
walkman headset

Snacks to Share
Lunch Drinks Fruit
Cups/Applesauce/Pudding Plastic Spoons Napkins
extra forms to
do TLC paperwork
pen/high liter sharpie pen

Homestead Day-
shorts set/sweater
General Session
slack set w/sweater
Bus trip
capris or slack set w/sweater
Hartville closed shoes --casual set
Class dress with sweater set
extra outfit just in case
2 prs PJ'S
jewelry/hair scrunchies

consultant sale stuff
bee bag
bee baskets
tie ons
basket clothes
knick knacks
bee materials
consultant supplies

Reading Material
Basket for signatures/sharp


(prepared by unknown; revised for 2004 by Wilma Brown)



by Beth in IL


I think Wilma was a Scout leader...............BEE prepared!  Great info.
Another tip ladies.............................look at the features your cell phones have! 
1. A clock option so the digital face of the phone when not in use is a face of a clock. (I hate to wear a watch) 
2. A phone book I can record the persons name, address. email, and all of their phone numbers.  It says I can record 500 people!
2. An alarm on I don't need to bring an extra alarm clock.  
3. Under Voice menu I can record my voice or have voice commands to call anyone. So if I want to remember something I can. 
4. It has a calculator feature
5. Organizer feature with a calendar I can make notes on each date, to-do-list to make for each day and a wallet feature I                 can record my credit card #'s (Remember to at least put your credit card companies phone numbers in the phone book to             call if they are lost!)
6. Games for the rare nothing to do moment.
7.  Under messages I can send a text message (your message is wrote out instead of something recipient has to listen to.)  I can     also send email on my phone.  I would not want to send long messages, but could be useful for some.  You can record friends     emails and websites in your phone book feature.
My husband just got me this phone a year ago........................on a trip over last Christmas I was the passenger on a long ride and took my phone's manual with me because I wanted to record all my kids school and important phone numbers.  I was amazed with all the features!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is not an expensive phone or package by any means!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My husband got it for me just for safety because  we live in the country and I drive my kids everywhere. 
He has had a cell phone for many years now through work....................I kept asking him how to do each feature and he just kept giving me crazy looks (Like that can't be on their .........we didn't pay for that!)  I took his phone after I mastered my own and he had many of the same features he just didn't know about (or care about:-)  His company gives him a Palm Pilot to use too.
I hope you have some happy surprise's too,
Beth in IL







the BEST place we have eaten while at the Bee is The Elevator - our Branch eats there as a group every year. It is about 6 blocks from the convention center and within walking distance from just about every hotel. Last year we also ate as a branch at Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant which is one of the restaurants right in front of the arena - they also had really good food. You also can't go wrong with Max & Erma's which is like a home-grown TGIFridays. My first Bee we ate at the Buca di Beppo (the Italian place at the arena) and it was, in my opinion, ok - but nothing stellar, they serve total family style which limits what you can get bc the table pretty much has to agree ... my number one choice is still The Elevator (GREAT cosmos there!!!!) 
You can check out which will give you all the places around the convention center and arena.
Lisa in NY - bound for the happiest place on earth (no, not Disney- Dresden!) on FRIDAY!!!!!