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Do You Know What Hope Is?


Early Detection





Golden Gift (The)


Her First Basket

Hope on Horizon


Thank You


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Like A Pumpkin


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Row Your Boat

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Teacher - Poem to go with teacher gift #1

Teacher - Poem to go with teacher gift #2

Teacher - A Hundred Years From Now

Tea Time Blessing

Thank You Note

Thank You

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Things I Wish I'd Known Before ...

Think You Can

Weave of Hope


What Cancer Cannot Do


Wish List Before Christmas (The)

Work Load


God Bless America
Red White and Blue
Made in the U.S.A.
Proudly and True
Longaberger...American Through and Through


God Bless America
Red White and Blue
Made in the U.S.A.
Proudly and True
Celebrate with Longaberger
American Through and Through

She threw this one in just for fun :o) Thought I'd share it to! ha ha

Submitted by Cliffie in OR/Author is Jodi Bridge

God Bless America
Red White and Blue
Made in the U.S.A.
Proudly and true
Longaberger...join the hullabaloo! hee hee

I plan to use the 1st one...will fit nicely on my candy wrapper.  Cliffie in Oregon :o)



Your post reminded me of something.... One Sunday morning, there was a baptism of a wonderful man about 55 years old. His family had been hopeful and prayerful that this would happen so they were elated as we all would be.  The man's wife is/was (they've moved away) a good LB customer.  When I went up to give Hank a hug, he jokingly asked "Cathy, do you have a basket for this occasion?"  I laughed but couldn't get it out of my head. I went home thinking about it and this is what I came up with.  I had a natural small spoon basket with a lid and decided to give it to Hank as his "baptism" basket.  I enclosed a card with the following inside...


There are many special things about this basket,

just as you are special to our Lord.

It is natural and clean, without stain

just as you are now that your sins have been washed away.

It is hand made and unique just as you are.

It is signed and dated by it's maker.

You now wear the name of Christian symbolizing yours.

It is called a spoon basket, for as a new child of God you will eat as one.

I can't remember what else I wrote and I certainly don't mean to imply that LB's wonderful baskets STAND for any of this, but I remember how wonderful I felt being able to give Hank his very special basket, a constant reminder for him of God's grace.

Cathy in VA 




M will get dusty, this is true.
But use this brush, it's so simple to do!
Just give me some tender, loving care,
And, I'll last a lifetime for you to share!

Kim in WV



BASKET BRUSH #2  (by Syd Cochran)

Oh how we love our baskets

We use them day and night,

Sometimes they get dirty
And we want to clean them right.
So take this little paint brush
Here's all that you need do,
Whisk your basket once a week
To keep it looking new!





A basket of candles that come in a pair

Of all different colors for the two of you to share.


The white ones burn first; they're wrapped in white lace

Use them to commemorate the first night in your place.


The blue pair is next; they're taller and thinner.

Burn them with pride when your first guests come to dinner.


There are candles to burn, Christmas Eve before bed -

Your first Christmas together - that's why they are red.


The orange ones are for after that first fight,

Let them burn, while making up through the night.


Pink candles are romantic and light up the way

For your very first married Valentines' Day.


When your first year of marriage is completed and through

Light the vanilla candles to celebrate just you two.


You two have been working so hard a vacation is earned.

The purple candles are for memories upon your return.


By this time we hope that maybe just maybe,

Yellow candles will celebrate the birth of your first baby.


And just when you thought you could put these away,

The tan candles blaze on your Fifth Anniversary day.


Only one pair remains for that special "25"

The silver pair to keep your love alive.


May the two of you always be happy together.

Congratulations, best wishes on your start of forever.


Burn these candles just the way we have said,

But please don't forget...

Blow them out before bed!



First you pop the popcorn and then get a drink.
Comfy chair, sit right down and begin to think.
Birthdays and Graduates are soon coming your way
A Longaberger Wish Lst to help you save the day.
There's also the new option to order online,
We all know you like that 'cause it saves you time.
If you have any problems or questions, there's email,
You're a very busy gal with no times for orders to fail.
Hand-made in the USA - Nothing can compare!
There will be thanks and hugs galore because you care.
Linda De-Vaughn-Morgan



I'm sure after you read this post you'll think I have too much free time on
my hands (definitely not the case if you saw my day-planner *smile*) but I am
LOVING those Boardwalk Baskets!  I'm gonna look pretty silly walking down the
street carrying all three but I just don't think I'll be able to pick one to
go out with ;-).  Anyway, I digress. Someone else mentioned the "Under the
Boardwalk" tune as background music for their next meeting.  Well, since I
saw the first picture of these baskets that song has been running through my
head so earlier in the week, I modified the lyrics a bit for our new baskets.
 Please be nice and don't report me to the music police -- I know that music
is copyrighted so this is JUST FOR FUN not for anything else than to
celebrate these glorius baskets, OK?!  Have fun with it.  I've already shared
it with TLC (at the urging of my RA) and while John Dinan said he thought it
was great he did tell me that the Legal Dept likes them to stay away from
copyrighted stuff for "Corporate Use".  If you want some music to sing along
to, go to this website and select "Under the Boardwalk" ...

Sung to the tune of "Under the Boardwalk" by The Drifters
(Basket lyrics by Cheryl Avis, Independent Sales Consultant)

Oh, when the sun beats down and you're in need of a wide-brimmed hat
And what you're longing for is a cool drink and a rest on a shady mat
Buy a Large Boardwalk™, a great tote you'll see, yeah,
Hand-woven by Longaberger®, exclusively!

(Buy the Boardwalk) It's a classy one
(Buy the Boardwalk) Take it anywhere for fun
(Buy the Boardwalk) You'll want all three
(Buy the Boardwalk) In May 'n' June Only.
Buy the Board - walk (Board - walk!)

From the passersby you hear the oohs and aahs as they see
Mm-mm, you smile and tell them its Longaberger® Basketry.
Buy a Medium Boardwalk™, a whimsical purse it can be, yeah
Hand-woven by Longaberger®, exclusively!

(Buy the Boardwalk) It's a classy one
(Buy the Boardwalk) Take it anywhere for fun
(Buy the Boardwalk) You'll want all three
(Buy the Boardwalk) In May 'n' June Only.
Buy the Board - walk (Board - walk!)

Here's a perfect little basket you can take just anywhere
And the drawstring liner holds up without a care.
Oooooh, buy the Small Boardwalk™, it's so easy, yeah
Hand-woven by Longaberger®, exclusively!

(Buy the Boardwalk) It's a classy one
(Buy the Boardwalk) Take it anywhere for fun
(Buy the Boardwalk) You'll want all three
(Buy the Boardwalk) In May 'n' June Only.
Buy the Board - walk (Board - walk!)



As you begin your married life together,
reach into this Basket of Firsts.
Some of these items you may truly need,
and some you may just plain enjoy!
A bottle of bubble bath,
for your first bath together.
A pair of candles,
for your first romantic dinner.
A box of Band-Aids,
for your first fight.
A box of tissues,
for your first sad movie.
A dish towel,
for your first holiday together.
A package of pretty napkins,
for the first time you entertain.
A wooden spoon and potholders,
for the first time you cook together.
A fire extinguisher,
for the first time someone burns dinner!
A journal to record all of the beautiful memories
of your life together!
Best Wishes!!


CALCULATOR POEM (Attach to inexpensive calculator)

No matter how you FIGURE it, being a Longaberger Hostess ADDS up to some  terrific savings!

The FORMULA to a successful show is truly easy. Simply invite your family and friends for an evening of fun and relaxation, and I  will do the rest.

As your sales ADD up, you can watch your benefits MULTIPLY! Our fabulous hostess program allows you to earn the beautiful baskets that you love for half-price, or even free.

You might even be able to SUBTRACT the shipping and handling charges.

To SUM it all up, having a  Longaberger show is a TOTAL blast!



Do you know what Hope is?
It's magic and it's free.
It's not in a prescription
It's not in an IV.

It punctuates our laughter.
It sparkles in our tears.
It simmers under sorrows.
And dissipates our fears.

Do you know what Hope is?
It's reaching past today.
It's dreaming of tomorrow.
It's trying a new way.

It's pushing past impossible
It's pounding on the door.
It's questioning the answers.
It's always seeking more.

It's rumors of a break.
It's whispers of a cure.
A roller coaster rise,
Of remedies, unsure.

Do you know what Hope is?
It's candy for the soul,
It's perfume for the spirit,
To share it...makes you whole    




(Use with pink Horizon of Hope/breast cancer wristband)


For your wrist, a ring of delicate pink -

May it's presence cause you to think

Early detection's important and key -

To a life that's cancer free.


Be sure to have your annual mammogram!



Saw this on the web and thought it was a great idea for shows and also to have one at home myself.  Chris Gezotis

Somewhere in your home you probably have flashlights,
batteries, emergency phone numbers, and first aid supplies.

But how long would it take you to find them?

Quick access to emergency supplies and information is especially important when your teenagers are home alone or younger children are with a babysitter.

To be prepared in an emergency, gather these supplies and
keep them all together in a basket in a designated spot known
to all family members:

-flashlight and extra batteries
-first aid kit
-index card with emergency phone numbers (including those
of nearby trusted neighbors)

Whenever you leave a babysitter in charge, be sure s/he
knows where the emergency basket is. Remember to write down the phone number where you can be reached and you can feel secure that your household is prepared to handle emergency situations that might arise in your absence.



This is so funny that I had to share it with all my vine friends.  I don't know who wrote this, but I wish it had been me  *big smile*  Enjoy!!

Sung, of course, to My Favorite Things From "The Sound Of Music"

Maalox and nose drops and needles for knitting,
Walkers and handrails and new dental fittings,
Bundles of magazines tied up in string,
These are a few of my favorite things.

Cadillacs and cataracts and hearing aids and glasses,
Polident and Fixodent and false teeth in glasses,
Pacemakers, golf carts and porches with swings,
These are a few of my favorite things.

When the pipes leak,
When the bones creak,
When the knees go bad,
I simply remember my favorite things,
And then I don't feel so bad.

Hot tea and crumpets, and corn pads for bunions,
No spicy hot food or food cooked with onions,
Bathrobes and heat pads and hot meals they bring,
These are a few of my favorite things.

Back pains, confused brains, and big fear of sinnin
Thin bones and fractures and hair that is thin
And we won't mention our short shrunken frames,
When we remember our favorite things.

When the joints ache, when the hips break,
When the eyes grow dim,
Then I remember the great life I've had,
And then I don't feel so bad.
Martinsburg, WV



Plant three rows of peas:
1. peas of mind
2. peas of heart
3. peas of soul

Plant four rows of squash:
1.squash gossip
2. squash indifference
3. squash grumbling
4. squash selfishness

Plant four rows of lettuce:
1. lettuce be faithful
2. lettuce be kind
3. lettuce be patient
4. lettuce really love one another

No garden is complete without turnips:
1. turnip for church
2. turnip to help one another
3. turnip to help a friend in need

To conclude our garden we must have thyme:
1. thyme for each other
2. thyme for family
3. thyme for friends

Water freely with patience and cultivate with love.  There is
much fruit in your garden because you reap what you sow.




Some time ago, a friend of mine punished his 3-year-old daughter for wasting a roll of gold wrapping paper.  Money was tight, and he became infuriated when the child tried to decorate a box to put under the tree.  Nevertheless, the little girl brought the gift to her father the next morning and said, "This is for you, Daddy." He was embarrassed by his earlier overreaction, but his anger flared again when he found that the box was empty.  He yelled at her, "Don't you know that when you give someone a present, there's supposed to be something inside of it?"

The little girl looked up at him with tears in her eyes and said, "Oh, Daddy, it's not empty.  I blew kisses into the box.  All for you, Daddy."  The father was crushed.  He put his arms around his little girl, and he
begged her forgiveness.  My friend told me that he kept that gold box by his bed for years.  Whenever he was discouraged, he would take out an imaginary kiss and remember the love of the child who had put it there.  In a very real sense, each of us as parents has been given a gold container filled with unconditional love and kisses from our children.  There is no more precious possession anyone could hold.



Treasure your Memories,
but look forward;
Cherish your Friendships,
but reach outward;
Learn from the Past,
but move onward;
Live each day with Hope,
and climb upward



It was simply a basket she bought that night,
a sweet little basket that would look just right,
holding tea packets, or maybe her buttons,
perhaps some miniature blueberry muffins.

It was simply a basket she bought that night,
and truthfully the party had been a delight.
So she offered to hostess a party herself,
Those baskets would look great on her shelf.

Steadily from that first party, her collection grew larger.
She became a collector, instead of a buyer.
The baskets she loved decorated her home

 and found their way into every room.

Where once she could not name her first basket choice,

she now spoke with an authoritative voice,
Heartland or Classic, or Woven Traditions,
perhaps a J. W. CC Limited Edition.

When she entertained family and friends,
baskets were spread on the table, end to end,

holding casseroles, side dishes, salads,

and pies, a beautiful, visual feast for the eyes.

In Springtime, she filled them with lilacs and jonquils,

pansies, pink tulips, and bright yellow daffodils.
In Summertime, baskets held fresh picked strawberries,

or tomatoes, vine ripened, juicy and ready.

At Christmas, the "large Fruit" became a punch bowl.
The "Darning" held gingerbread men, the "Bread," Bouche de Noel.
And who could resist the "Homecoming" under the tree,

filled with holiday presents, "is this one for me?"

Each passing season brought renewed appreciation,

of her versatile, functional basket collection.
And like a loved toy, or a fine red wine,
Her baskets just got better and better with time.

The stain that had once smelled fresh and new,
had deepened and mellowed into a warm, rich hue.
The handles had a satiny feel to the touch,
rubbed smooth from being carried so much.

They served her still in ways old and new,
they were durable, useful and beautiful too.
But one day she realized while looking around,
that her baskets were more than the uses she'd found.

Her baskets held something precious and dear.
They held her memories, year after year.
Gatherings with people she held in her heart,
flowers from her husband, small children's art.

Teddies and toys that she had found on the floor,

snowy mittens and hats dropped by the door.

They marked the changing of the seasons, the passage of time,

they were keepsakes to pass on down through her line.

And one day her children would look with affection,

on her much beloved Longaberger® collection,

and tell of the story they heard all their life,
it was "simply a basket she had bought that night."

Do you know what Hope is?
It's magic and it's free.
It's not in a prescription,
It's not in an IV.

Do you know what Hope is?
It's reaching past today.
It's dreaming of tomorrow.
It's trying a new way.

It's pushing past impossible,
It's pounding on the door.
It's questioning the answers,
It's always seeking more.

It's rumors of a bread,
It's whispers of a cure,
A roller coaster rise,
Of remedies, unsure.

Do you know what Hope is?
It's candy for the soul.
It's perfume for the spirit,
I'll share...it makes you whole.
    Author Unknown



Dear Hostess (or Host):
I know you've worked hard for this party you've planned.
You've asked for orders from your friends and your clan.
You've vacuumed and cleaned and made snacks for your guests,
and when they all leave, you'll clean up the mess!
So here's a gift for the nice things you've done,
as my way of saying thanks for making my job so much fun!
From the bottom of my heart, I want you to know....
Thanks so much for your kindness...now enjoy the show!
You can attach this poem to a thank you gift or bag of candies. I don't take credit for this poem just thought I'd pass it along.  Enjoy!  Dorty



First a sponge, a simple meaning

Helps you in your daily cleaning

May you recall another day

When Jesus washed all sins away.

Then, some bread, to break and eat

A simple sign, a tasty treat.
May God provide your daily needs

And both your soul and body feed.

Some seasoning, for seasons change

And sometimes plans are rearranged

When God adds challenges to your life

His love will guide you through the strife.

Last, sweet candies can be found

That sweetness in your life abound

May God send blessings on your way

And help you see them everyday.

This little basket, filled with prayers

That God will keep you in his care

And bless your home and family

Wherever you may be.


There is inside you
All of the potential to be whatever
you want to be,
All of the energy to do whatever
you want to do.
Imagine yourself as you would like to be,
doing what you want to do,
and each day, take one step towards your dream.

And though at times it may seem too
difficult to continue, hold on to your dream.

One morning you will awake to find
that you are the person you dreamed of ...
doing what you wanted to do ...
simply because you had the courage
to believe in your potential
and to hold on to your dream.

Author Unknown



'Twas the week after Christmas, and all through the house,
We were all on vacation, yes even my spouse!

The stockings were empty, the gifts all were opened
And Santa brought just what the children and hubby were hopin'.
There was Game Boy, Groovy Girls, and a stuffed teddy bear,
Power tools, electronics and not to mention - new underwear!

No more baking or wrapping, no trips to the stores.
My hubby was working on "honey-do" chores.
My desktop, which I had ignored for two weeks,
Was suddenly calling my name (yes, it speaks!).

And what to my wondering eyes should appear,
but my January Flyer to start the New Year!
"You cannot forget me!" it said with a shout.
"There's a LONGABERGER SALE - you can't live without!"

There are deals to be had, lowered prices galore,
All these beautiful products you can't find in a store!
Save $54 on the Wrought Iron Five Level Basket Rack.
Just think of all the Darnings and Breads you can stack.

Sale prices on Recipes and Tall Tissues sold as a set 
and with specials like these you won't go into debt!
Baskets named Cake, Market and so many more
with huge savings just too good to ignore.

You have a choice of stain, one called Warm Brown.
Of course you know of the Classic Stain count down!
You'll want one of each, I'm sure you will agree
because all our Classic Baskets retire February 2003.

There are so many beautiful products to choose,
I knew that Longaberger lovers like me must have this news.
So away to my phone I flew in great haste.
I must confer with my consultant, there's no time to waste.

I MUST host a show - either home, catalog or e-mail.
I want hostess dollars and something ½ price without fail!
So I'm sharing this Flyer with all the dear friends I know,
Who may want to order little or lots AND book their own show!

The key thing to remember as I end my tale,
It's a Happy New Year when there are BASKETS ON SALE!

HOSTESS: _______________________________
SHOW DATE/CLOSING:____________________

Insert consultant information here...



On this lid my footprints will go
Don't forget to count my toe
Inside the lid my name will be,
Along with my birth date and weight,
you'll see!
If I'm a boy inside I'll keep
Baseball cards, toy cars and a jeep.
If I'm a girl I think you know
This is where I'll hide my ribbons and bows.
Please don't forget my first locket of hair,
and my first tooth can go in there.
No one can take this basket from me
Because on this lid my own footprints will be.

MY FIRST BASKET (Kiddie Purse Basket)

On the lid, my footprints go,

A tiny dot for every toe.
Inside the lid my name will be
Along with my birth and weight you'll see!

My doctor can sign it,
My nurses can too,
And when I'm big
I'll remember you.

Throughout the years, I will have others
But here I'll hide treasures from all my brothers.

(Like hair bows and fancy things
Little dolls and diamond rings)                   OR

(Like little cars and special rocks
Baseball cards and Lego blocks).

Mom might enclose my first lock of hair
And my first tooth can also go there.

No one can take this basket from me

Because on this lid, my footprints will be!


A lady had recently been baptized.

One of her co-workers asked her what it was like to be a Christian. She was caught off guard and didn't know how to answer, but when she looked up she saw a jack-o'-lantern on the desk and answered:

"It's like being a pumpkin." The worker asked her to explain that one. "

Well, God picks you from the patch and brings you in and washes off all the dirt on the outside that you got from being around all the other pumpkins. Then he cuts off the top and takes all the yucky stuff out from inside. He removes all those seeds of doubt, hate, greed, etc., Then He carves you a new smiling face and puts his light inside of you to shine for all to see.

It is our choice to either stay outside and rot on the vine or come inside and be something new and bright."

Shared by Laura Moffett


I'm a Longaberger Basket
As proud as I can be,
All the enjoyment that I bring,
As I started from a tree.
The tree is cut down, neatly trimmed up,
Then rolled out real thin;
It is cut up into nice neat splints
From which my life beginnings.
The Formers sort through all the splints
To only get the best,
They weave my bottom; preparing a form
For the Weavers to do the rest.
The Weavers shape my body
Making none of us quite the same;
We're so individually different
All of the Weavers sign their names.
Then it's off to the Line to attach my extras,
A handle, a lid, or such;
A final step is a a bath of stain,
Which gives me that special touch.
The Shippers give me one final check
Then securely pack me with care,
I'm shipped to the Hostesses who held the shows
Gathering friends from everywhere.
I'm given to the many collectors
Who are valued so dear;
As a Longaberger Basket
I'll be cherished from year to year.


I love these baskets, I really do!
But that means I have to pay for them, too!
Oh, how can I do it?  Just let me think ...
They say "have a show ... am I on the brink?
"I can't have a show, not me," I say.
But listen to them, they won't go away.
"It's easy," they say, "it's easy to do."
Just invite a friend and a neighbor or two.
Then ask a few more for their company.
It's easy to do, just wait and see.
Make up a guest list and call them all twice.
Then put on the coffee and get out the ice.
Make a nut bread; it's easy and fast.
Then welcome each guest, right down to the last.
Check out all the baskets -- the second time is more fun.
Then pick out your very favorite one.
Have a show WAS easy, you see?
And now, guess what?  Your basket is FREE!
by Ellen Stanton


“Mary Kay Lifesaver”

I got this from my Mary Kay lady ...thought maybe someone would want to "re-write" it to fit Longaberger. :) Erica from PA ~

Whether you’re single, a girlfriend or a wife,
This is how I view this life…
We all are ships sailing the ocean blue,
But some of us have a cloudy view.
At times life’s challenges, disappointments and struggles,
Become our own sailing obstacles.
And no matter if you’re a raft or a cruise ship,
You may soon begin to feel so ill-equipped.
Then perhaps, you give up on faith and hope,
And abandon whatever your size of boat.
So if you’re drowning in a life’s ocean swell,
And feel like you’re in someplace like Hell,
Whether it be your need of money, recognition or self-esteem,
Now’s the time to fulfill your dream.
See, the “Mother Ship” Mary Kay,
Is right now sailing your way.
Because I’m here to throw you a lifesaver,
So that you, too, can be a life changer.
This company provides the best products as your tools,
And even gives you shiny gold, diamonds and jewels.
Just shoot for the moon and land among the stars,
Build countless new friendships and earn free cars.
It’s easy and all you have to do,
Is make a choice that’s not only for you,
But for all the others whose lives you will touch,
Because Mary Kay gives women oh so much.
What you obtain may not be the same for each,
But I can guarantee you’ll learn and teach.
This company was founded on the “Golden Rule”,
To “Do unto others as I would do unto you”.
So ladies, be bold and grab a hold,
This opportunity is 100% gold!!!

Lessons learned from Noah's Ark

Author Unknown

Everything I need to know about life, I learned from Noah's Ark...

One: Don't miss the boat.

Two: Remember that we are all in the same boat.

Three: Plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah built the Ark.

Four: Stay fit. When you're 600 years old, someone may ask you to do something really big.

Five: Don't listen to critics; just get on with the job that needs to be done.

Six: Build your future on high ground.

Seven: For safety's sake, travel in pairs.

Eight: Speed isn't always an advantage. The snails were on board with the cheetahs.

Nine: When you're stressed, float a while.

Ten: Remember, the Ark was built by amateurs; the Titanic by professionals!

Eleven: No matter the storm, when you are with God, there's always a rainbow waiting. 


It is an ancient tradition that upon moving into a new home a family should be made welcome with these four earthly symbols:

A sponge: that the house may always be clean
A loaf of bread: that there may always be food upon the
Sugar: that there may be sweetness abounding
Salt: that there may be some spice in living

Marilyn in UT


First a sponge, a simple meaning
 Helps you in your daily cleaning
 May you recall another day
 When Jesus washed all sins away.

 Then, some bread, to break and eat
 A simple sign, a tasty treat.
 May God provide your daily needs
 And both your soul and body feed.

 Some seasoning, for seasons change
 And sometimes plans are rearranged
 When God adds challenges to your life
 His love will guide you through the strife.

 Last, sweet candies can be found
 That sweetness in your life abound
 May God send blessings on your way
 And help you see them everyday.

 This little basket, filled with prayers
 That God will keep you in his care
 And bless your home and family
 Wherever you may be.


My life is but a weaving
Between the Lord and me,
I may not choose the colors,
He knows what they should be:
For He can view the pattern
Upon the upper side
While I can see it only
On this, the underside.
Sometimes He weaves in sorrow,
Which seems so strange to me;
But I must trust His judgment,
And work on faithfully;
'Tis He who fills the shuttle,
And He who knows what's best.
So I shall weave in earnest,
Leaving to Him the rest.
Not till the loom is silent
And the shuttles cease to fly
Shall God unroll the canvas
And explain the reason why--
The dark threads are as needed
In the Weaver's skillful hand
As the threads of gold and silver
In the pattern He has planned.
~author unknown~


"The Plan of the Master Weaver - 2" (slightly different from above)

Our lives are but fine weavings
  That God and we prepare.
Each life becomes a fabric planned
  And fashioned in His care.
We may not always see just how
  The weavings intertwine,
But we must trust the Master's hand
  And follow His design.
For He can view the pattern
  Upon the upper side,
While we must look from underneath
  And trust in Him to guide...
Sometimes a thread of sorrow
  Is added to His plan.
And though it's difficult for us,
  We still must understand
That it's He who fills the shuttle
  It's He who knows what's best.
So we must weave in patience
  And leave to Him the rest.
Not till the loom is silent
  And the shuttles cease to fly,
Shall God unroll the canvas
  And explain the reason why-
The dark threads are as needed
  In the Weaver's skillful hand
As the threads of gold and silver
  In the pattern He has planned.


by Anonymous Works

My life is but a weaving, between my God and me,
I do not choose the colors, He worketh steadily.

Oft times he weaveth sorrow, and I in foolish pride
Forget He sees the upper, and I the underside.

Not till the loom is silent, and the shuttles cease to fly,

Will God unroll the canvas, and explain the reasons why.

The dark threads are as needful in the skillful weaver's hand
As threads of gold and silver in the pattern He has planned.

He knows, He loves, He cares, Nothing this truth can dim.
He gives His very best to those Who leave the choice with Him.



Here is a bridal shower gift or a wedding gift idea for the Row Your Boat basket that any couple would be sure to love - not just those into boating.  Fill the basket with a gift of your choice and..

"We wanted to get you something that reflected who you are, something that reflected the marriage of a captain and first mate.

 We won't even try to guess who's the captain and who's the first mate. We tried to find something that would remind you that there is smooth sailing after a rough storm.

We looked for a gift that would remind you to stay anchored in your marriage and never threaten to ship out if the other partner doesn't shape up.

We tried to find something that would remind you not to rock the boat over small stuff.

We looked for a gift that would keep your morals high and all
hands on deck.

Since you have chosen to marry each other, we know that you haven't missed the boat and have found your soul mate.

We wish you all the best married life has to offer."


Christina Vail

SEEDS (by Syd Cochran)

Plant these seeds and watch them bloom
They'll chase away the winter's gloom
Look upon them and then you'll know
How much you've helped my business grow!
In your garden these seeds you'll sow
And as you watch your flowers grow
Think of me, my heart you touch
I appreciate you so very much!
OR...(this one I did not write...got it out of my Stampin' Up catalog!  It doesn't mention business, but it's cute and I like it a lot).
Little by little
Day by day
Flowers and friendships
Grow that way


You can use most any measure,
When you're speaking of success.
You can measure it in fancy home,
Expensive car or dress.
But the measure or your real success
Is the one you cannot spend.
It's the way your kids describe you
When they're talking to a friend.
Martin Buxbaum

There is no author name on it so I can't give proper credit.



And suddenly a child is born, a gift from God to you.

She learns to walk, she learns to talk, and suddenly, she's two.


As years go by a young girl grows, All bright, alert, alive.

She starts to learn to read and write, and suddenly, she's five.


And all the time it seems to be she hardly changes when,

she's caught with mommy's high heels on, and suddenly, she's ten.


And through it all, you watch this child; the years have gently flown.

She starts to turn to wave goodbye and suddenly--she's grown.


     God took one pair of angel wings,
     and patience without measure,
     two eyes that see potential,
     great wisdom from His treasure,
     a smile to give encouragement--
     a truly heavenly feature. . .
     He wrapped it up with tender care
     and called this gift a

Suggest gift basket is a spring basket with a brass tag saying "Thank you Mrs. XXXX 2nd grade 200X-200X. Put some simple class supply items in it and this poem wrapped in tulle!


Angela in Arkansas



For teaching children lessons,
To help them as they grow,
Let this gift remind you,
You're the best teacher we know!


We chose this special present because we wanted you to know,
That we're grateful for your hard work in helping us to grow.
For your constant understanding and for always being there,
To tell us wecould do it and to show us that you care!

Author Unknown

One Hundred Years from now 
It will not matter 
what kind of car I drove, 
What kind of house I lived in, 
how much money was in my bank account 
nor what my clothes looked like. 
But the world may be a better place because 
I was important in the life of a child. 



Print this verse on cardstock ... kind of small maybe using your word processor's business card template.  Then cut and glue on a the front of a corsage sized cellophane bag.  Use some pretty graphics or stickers to decorate.  Inside the cello bag put a flavored tea bag.  Fold down the top and punch two holes.  Tie with ribbon, raffia or jute.
Use them to hand out at home shows or as open house favors.  Inexpensive and everyone seemed to like them.
Lord grant that our time together,
Be steeped in Serenity,
Sweetened by sharing and
surrounded by the wam
fragrance of Your love.



GENERATIONS  (Teacher Poem)


When you look back throughout the years
At students who've walked through your door,
And think of how you beckoned them
To seek, and learn, and strive for more,
You wonder if you've done your best;
You ask for guidance from above.
We hope this gift puts fears to rest:
By Generations, you are loved.


Tre Rockenbach in Cincinnati



TISSUE BASKET (Teacher Poem)


A loving touch and caring heart
Are qualities you show each day,
You take our children by the hand
And by example, show the way.
So when you need to dry some tears
You always know just what to do.
Please use this Tissue Basket then
And think how much we cherish you.


Tre Rockenbach in Cincinnati




A small poem to a  hostess works well for me.  It is personal and appropriate. 


At first you were my hostess, and now you are my friend. 

Your show was quite outstanding from the start up to the end. 

I thank you most sincerely.  You really were so sweet,

to open up your home last night,where everyone could meet. 



Your Basket Lady


Terry Lynn


THANK YOU (with candle)

With this candle
There is so much that should be said
It is a symbol of good wishes
For the days to come ahead
Burn it down as needed
When you are feeling blue
And as you watch the flame dancing
Know my thoughts are there with you.
When your day is flawless
And everything goes right
Burn it down to celebrate
And enjoy this day that's bright
This is a perfect symbol
Of good wishes just for you
May the flicker of the candle
Keep the light of hope with you.

~ Any and all compliments can be handled by simply saying "Thank you" though it helps if you can say it with a Southern accent.
~ Some people are working backstage, some are playing in the orchestra, some are on-stage singing, some are in the audience as critics and some are there to applaud.
~ Know who and where you are.
~ When baking, follow directions. When cooking, go by your own taste.
~ Never continue dating anyone who is rude to a waiter or waitress.
~ If you tell a lie, don't believe it deceives only the other person.
~ The five most essential words for a healthy, vital relationship: "I
apologize" and "You are right."
~ Everyone seems normal until you get to know them.
~ When you make a mistake, make amends immediately. It's easier to eat crow while it's still warm.
~ If he or she says that you are too good for him -- believe it.
~ I've learned to pick my battles; I ask myself, "Will this matter one year from now? How about one month? One week? One day?"
~ If you woke up breathing, CONGRATULATIONS! You have another chance!
~ Living well really is the best revenge.
~ Being miserable because of a bad or former relationship just proves that the other person was right about you.
~ Be really nice to your friends because you never know when you are going to need them to empty your bedpan and hold your hand.
~ Work is good, but it's not important.
~ Never underestimate the kindness of your fellow man.
~ A person needs only two tools in life: WD-40 and duct tape. If it doesn't move and it should, use WD-40. If it moves and it shouldn't, use the tape.
~ You are the only person who can truly make you happy.
~ And finally...  Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect; it just means you've decided  to see beyond the imperfections.

If you think you are beaten, you are;
If you think you dare not, you don't.
If you like to win but think you can't,
It's almost a cinch you won't.
If you think you'll lose, your lost:
For out in the world we find,
Success begins with a fellow's will:
It's all in the state of mind.
If you think you are outclassed, you are:
You've got to think high to rise,
You've got to be sure of yourself before
You can ever win a prize.
Life's battles don't always go
To the stronger or faster man;
But soon or late the man who wins
Is the man who thinks he can.
-- Anonymous



This was written by the husband of a previous consultant, Lesa Smith. I would like for you to keep the author's name with the poem, because this was a very thoughtful gesture on his part for his wife. Thanks so much!....Teri from Tulsa

A Weave of Hope

My weaves reflect the strength you show each and every day

They create the bond and mold my form for wonderment display.

My handle invites the lift I need when darkness shadows cover

It represents your hand in thanks, my handle in its hover.

Character and promise I build with help above,

Family and friendship, like pillars of standing love.

My mission past and present, while bidding for their perch,

Spread warmth, love, cheer and hope, raise funds for cancer research.

Written by: Cliff Smith 1998, for his wife, Lesa


Wedding Gift Poem

The light that shines
From the love you share today,
From now until forever
Lights the path along your way.

As our gift we give you this basket
Hand-woven with love and care.
Fill it with your memories and dreams
For your future generations to share.


Author: Debbie Dellatore


What Cancer Cannot Do

Cancer is really so limited.

It cannot cripple love.
It cannot corrode faith.
It cannot destroy peace.
It cannot kill friendship.
It cannot suppress memories.
It cannot silence courage.
It cannot invade the soul.
It cannot steal eternal life.
It cannot conquer the spirit.
It cannot shatter hope.


The contest lasts for moments
Though the training's taken years.
It wasn't the winning alone that
Was worth the work and the tears.
The applause will be forgotten,
The prize will be misplaced;
But the long hard hours of practice
Will never be a waste.
For in trying to win,
You build a skill;
You learn that winning
Depends on will.
You never grow by how much you win--
You only grow by how much you put it.
So any challenge
You've just begun--
Put forth your best,
And you've already won.
--W. A. Clennan


'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house,
The most beautiful gift awaited your spouse.
Something quite special and chosen with care
It's not a new vacuum or bathroom to wear.
For this was the year!  You weren't caught napping!
You got the perfect gift in beautiful wrapping.
She gave a few hints that you didn't miss.
You knew that Longaberger was tops on her list!
As the children are nestled all snug in their bed
Visions of romance will dance in your head.
You know how she'll smile and shout out with glee ...
"Nothing's more exciting than Longaberger under the tree!"
She will hug you and kiss you, for you're so fantastic.
You made the effort to buy her a basket.
Then she will whisper, as she kisses you goodnight,
"Your idea for LONGABERGER was really bright"
(by Lori Smith)


WORK LOAD POEM  By Linda Morgan
There's a brand new set of baskets in town.
Soon they too will be known uptown & down.
They're classic and so very sleek.
Turn to page 29 and take a peek.
Put laundry, toys, books or canned goods inside.
They're long, they're cute and 10-13" 2ide.
Use them in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or den.
Only your imagination limits how, where and when.
Phone books, teaching supplies, gardening plants and yes, tools.
Lid, no lid, uses galore; these are treasured jewels.
All over in closets, pantries and offices there's a new code.
These baskets help with school and job and they're called Work Load.


MY MENTOR  By Judi in VA

If I could walk a mile in your shoes, I would know ...

The courage to be a leader even when I am unsure;
yet, finding strength through faith to answer the knock at my door.

The wisdom to know when it's best just to listen;
the confidence that's felt when it's time to take action.

The joy of helping others in their times of need;
how it feels to be supportive and not just about me.

If I could walk a mile in your shoes, I would know.