RE:  Dave Story

Well, I have a special moment in my heart about Dave.  
It was Bee Day 93.  This was the time where Bee Day was ONLY in Dresden.  The
Village and the Homestead were still visions to Dave.  But a reality of
Dave's were his registered Angus cattle that he had purchased in Texas and
brought back to Dresden to go into the cattle business.  (Diversify)   He was
very proud of his cattle.  So on Bee Day, Dave had a corner display of his
Angus cattle kiddi-korner to the Patio shops and back then across from the
original White Pillars Christmas shop.  Dresden was packed that day.  I am
not sure exactly what year we went to two and three bees but I think they
said there were over 8,000 people in Dresden that day.  To top it off, it was
POURING down rain.  It was pouring cats and dogs.  If Dave had anything to do
with it it would have poured calfs......... angus of course.   
I had been looking for Dave all convention to sign my original weekender
basket.  This is the basket for years I had used for my purse. It had gone to
every bee with me since 90 to obtain signatures on the inside of the lid.  I
had many many signatures by this time but not Dave's. Back then you could
stop and ask any family member to sign baskets at any time anywhere.   ( I am
the person that asked the family members to originally put which sibling they
were #2, #3, #12, #8, #5 etc.  They thought this was a great idea and started
doing it.  Jenny was the first one I asked to do this and then from then on
each one asked why she did that.)  I was bound and determined that I wasn't
going home until I had Dave's signature.
If you know Dresden..... I was clear down on the south edge of downtown. 
Near the funeral home. (The gourmet kitchen shop used to be next door.)  My
top hostess who is now a recruit went with us to every bee. Let me paint you
a picture.... The two of us are not super models..... she is abundantly
blessed and I am not blessed but just abundantly abundant.  Very fluffy.  A
large woman.  Picture my friend running (bouncing) up to me out of breath
screaming something to the resemblence of "DAVE" "DAVE" "CATTLE" "GO" "GO" 
and pointing in the direction of the cattle display.  Now remember it is
still pouring down buckets and buckets.   I take off running towards where
Dave is suppose to be.  This is not a pretty site but I would do anything for
his signature.  I am trying to act and look graceful bouncing down the
street.  Trying not to drop anything or heaven forbid slip and fall.  That
would not have been a pretty site.  I kept thinking Dave was going to leave
or walk away before I can get there.  This was my mission at the moment and
nothing was getting in my way.  I was getting closer and closer.  Dave looks
my way seeing this very large fluffy, very wet consultant running towards
him.  He turns around to look behind him.  He looks puzzled.  He turns around
again.  I yell "Dave"  "Dave".   He looks at me and very calmly says "
....... me?"  I giggle and say yes. He says "what's the hurry..... slow
down".  I try to say out of breath....... "I have been looking for you for
three years....."  He says ..."WHY?"   Dave was just like that....... I
explained to him that I had many many of his siblings and Tami and Rachel's
signatures.  I needed his to make my weekender even more special. (I am only
missing Carmen and Jeff in this weekender but have retired it and do not take
it off my walls)  He said he didn''t understand why all these crazy women
wanted his scribble.  I told him that he was very special to us. I also told
him that we would be nothing without him.  He told me no that HE would not be
anything without US!  He then took my weekender and signed his famous
scribble of a signature and dated it....... He then closed the lid and in his
calm very innocent type boyish grin told me that now someone would steal my
weekender.  I looked at him very shocked and told him that I hoped not. 
Please don't say that...  Dave laughed and laughed......  He told me that if
someone stole my basket to come see him and he would get me another one......
I asked... with all my signatures?  He looked at me and asked if my signature
was important.... and smiled...  then he said yes with all my signatures.  I
thanked him and he said "No, Thank you!"  That made my day.  Made my Bee. And
really my career with LB.......
Lisa L-S in Illinois


KEYWORD: Dave story and favorite Show story  : I have been selling for
11 yrs and this is the story and basket I share .In 1990 I atended my
1st Bee {Longaberger convention } ,I had already met Daves several times
across from Popeyes in Dresden and around town and in the factory , but
this time was so special ,I then hold up my 1st VIP Basket and show them
the bottom where Dave had signed it at the VIP Luncheon . They all ooh &
ahh! I tell them that when I approached him to sign it and told him it
was my 1st one , He said " I know , Lorraine " I was flabergasted
thinking he had actully known .I asked him how he knew that & my name ,
{ I was so excited I was "dumb' } He smiled that great smile of his and
said " I could tell it was the 1st by how excited you are and I read
your name on your name tag !!! Ha ha Then I had my picture taken with
him and when I went to shake his hand He pulled me in for a hug and said
" We Longaberger People dont shake hands We HUG !" and he gave me a nice
squeze ! Ill never forget it ! even thought I have several vip baskets
with his Beloved Scribble , This one is my favorite and goes to every
show with  pictures of him and Bonnie Who is the ideal Of what every one
sees  their Grandma to  be like ! My Guests Love this story, but I
always ask if every one there has heard my Dave story , before I relate
it , theres always one or so who havent , but this way I think those who
have heard it dont mind if I tell it again . and some times if the
hostess or guest has heard it often I Let them tell it and they Love
That ! Lorraine


Keyword Dave Stories

I never had the opportunity to meet Dave, much to my sadness but I feel that his spirit is so strong in the company and in many of the people that I meet associated with LB that it gives me a sense of closeness.  That is what I like about LB and the Vine we are all like extended family.  Now to my story, my first bee was 99 and I was SOOO excited!!!  While walking through the land of poles there was some excitement by other bee goers and when I turned around there was TAMI and her HUGE body guard!!! Well needless to say we took off to follow her and rode down the elevator with her as she signed my bee basket!!!  MY most treasured basket!!!!  I felt like I was meeting a celebrity!!!  Which I was but you know a HUGE movie star!!!  Needless to say that was a unforgettable experience.  To top it off I wrote a letter to her thanking her and what the Bee meant to me and having her sign my basket on the very first Bee I attended!!!  WELL much to my surprise and excitement I got a PERSONAL Letter from her in the mail thanking me for attending and glad she made my experience rememberable!!!  It was on her own personal stationary !!!  Which is now framed hanging in my office!!!  If you can tell I STILL get excited just thinking about it.  Since I only do this as a hobby I plan on attending the Bee every other year.  (expense reasons)  But WOW if you haven't been to a BEE you really need to Go!!!  It will bee the most fun you have ever had!!! 

Andi, Louisville, Ky


    I am so excited to hear the Dave and family stories.  It makes us
remember why we love this Company !!!
    One of my stories happened about 10 yrs ago at my second Bee.  I had been
blessed to have a great sales year and thought I had done well, but didn't
think I would be one of the tops.  My Branch, Region and Directorship were
13hrs away so it was hard for me to gauge how I was doing.
    After the award part of the General Session I was astonished with all the
goodies I had received (baskets and jewelry !!! ).  But, I was even more
suprised to be invited to a special luncheon.
    When my husband and I walked into the room where the lunch was being held
we were ushered to our seats.  You guessed it, they said "you get to sit
beside Dave !!! "  I could have fallen on the floor.  This was my first time
"up close and personal " with him.  He had hugged me on stage when I got my
awards and that was exciting enough, to sit next to him and eat (something I
usually have no problem with !! ) was beyond comprehension !!!
    The lunch was buffet, so we filled our plates.  He quickly attempted to
put us at ease by asking us more about ourselves, telling jokes and of
course, throwing rolls at other diners.
    I was shocked at the roll throwing because this was my first meal with
Dave.  I soon learned there was never a meal with Dave that did not include
roll throwing.  It did not matter how important the guests were, that was
part of Dave.
    After Dave cleaned his plate he let out an enormous burp.  I was trying
to act like I had not heard it, when he turned to me and said, "Well, that
felt good.  Now I'm ready for more how about you ?!!
    Through all his dreams and vision, Dave still put an emphasis on having
fun.  When I left that luncheon I felt at ease and realized what a normal guy
he was.  I am sure that is how Dave wanted me to feel.
    That year will always be special to me.  I met goals that suprised me and
the Company far surpassed my expectations by what they awarded me .  The
greatest gift they gave me was a seat beside Dave.  And you know what, I
would trade all those baskets and jewels for one more lunch with Dave.

    If you don't get sick of me I'll be sure to tell you more !!!
Dave meetings
In 1997 while a buddy and I were lining up to weave our baskets on the
weaving floor, Dave shows up and starts allowing everyone to have photos
taken with him.  He was so nice and funny.  Then the next year, we were
touring the Big Basket on Dresden/Homestead Day and we were in his office
and he just shows up making jokes about how no one was working today, not
even his secretary.  He looked so much thinner and gaunt vs. the previous
year, but his mischevious attitude and smile were great.  He made everyone
feel so good to be around him.  Great guy... we so miss him.  Now my goal is
to meet Tami!  I met Rachel and her hubby last year at CC GAthering in
Baltimore when she signed my basket.  She was very friendly and gracious
when you consider how many times she signs baskets and her hubby took our
picture.  Just love this part of our business, the people behind the
    My Dave Story - I have been collecting baskets since 1982, selling since 1988 and a BA since 1995 so am very fortunate to have run into Dave in Dresden, at the factory or at the Bee many times and everytime I was amazed at how much he was just like you and me!  He had a very wonderful sense of humor and was always willing to chat and sign.  My favorite signature is on a VIP basket - I was not very prepared and was digging all the stuff out of the basket so I could turn it upside down for his signature.  When he got to me - he asked where I wanted it signed and I answered on the bottom and he mischievously eyed my "bottom" and said if you can get it up here, I'll sign it!!!  I am sure I turned 40 shades of red but he never missed a beat and just signed the bottom of my basket and left me stuttering!
Favorite Grandma Bonnie Story - it is hard to choose because she is a great story-teller - we know where Dave got that talent!  As a new BAand attending GST, we were invited to have dinner with the whole family and I was fortunate enough to sit next to Bonnie!   She told stories about the kids and kept us in stitches but the best thing was when she spilled her green beans on the floor and without missing a beat, blamed it on the poor girl sitting next to her and then she ate her own dessert and her neighbors!  I will never forget that meal!  I don't remember anything I ate but I remember the green beans and the dessert!  She is a grand lady and the best part is - she does not know it!!!    I know you did not ask for a Bonnie story but I had to share!  Still makes me smile.

It is so great to hear how so many of you tell the Longaberger story, and I have to admit I am behind on my Vine reading (I just hate it when that happens! and I CAN'T delete anything until I have read it, cause there are always great things in each one!!!) but I haven't seen where anyone is mentioning that it all started in Dresden!  That is a very important part of the Longaberger story!  As new recruits come into the business, they are not being told to be sure and include that part about Dresden being where Dave started his business and how the local Dresden people were the ones that Dave hired and how they stuck with him during the beginning slim times.  Dave did so very much for Dresden as he was able to financially as time went on, and I think it should always be included in every presentation that goes into how it all started.  The Homestead and the corporate office building are wonderful examples of how he continued with his lifes work, but don't forget Dresden!  It shows how one person's dream can affect so many and how a small town can become more financially sound and help itself (and a lot with Dave's generousity!) to become a place where people dream of moving (and some do, like me!).  You all do such a wonderful job of sharing this dream of his and his wonderful product to so many and I want to thank you all and applaud you all !!!  CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP !!!!!!!!

These stories are tear jerkers, glad tissues are at hand.  I signed on in
96, never got to meet Dave, but from what I heard and the stories I am
reading, I could tell her must have been a down to earth man and a great
people person.   He seems like the type of person who never forgot where
he came from and yes he had money but he never put on heirs.  It is is
wonderful when some one makes it big and is so humble, and still remains
the guy next door.     Makes me feel that I missed out on meeting the
founder of our business.
He sounds like he wasn't all business but fun too.  You ladies are truly
LUCKY to have known him.
lana in pa

RE:  Bee Signature Story

Hi Lisa,
Thanks so much for sharing that story about Dave, he certainly was so
generous with giving of himself to others.
Your story reminds me of one of my favorite story's about Dave.
I was a new Branch Advisor attending Growing Strong Together with some
friends who were also new BA's. I think it was in Feb. of 96.  We were eating
lunch in Popeye's when Dave came in for lunch.  Of course, many would have
liked to get his signature but didn't want to bother him during his lunch. 
Finally a little guy of about 4 or 5 was persuaded by his Mom to take a
basket up to Dave for a signature.  Dave kindly signed the little boys
baskets and handed it back to him.  The little boy took one look at his
basket and broke out in tears, very loud tears and headed back to his Mom. 
Of course, all of us were very curious as to why the boy was crying when we
heard him say very loudly to his Mom "That man scribbled on my basket." 
Everyone in the restaurant roared with laughter including Dave.

Donna in Indy.
It was nice to hear some of your stories. Each of us who knew Dave personally have so many wonderful times close to our hearts. I'm one of them. I knew him for 12 years. I always got a kick out of when I'd stand in a line for a signature of his. He'd be signing along, would say thank you to people but not really know them. Then when some of us who'd been around awhile came up to him, he'd sign our baskets, then he'd look up, and go "Oh, it's you, Wilma, how are you anyway?" And give me a big hug. I can still see him doing it. A great big, genuine smile.
It was nice years ago when he used to stand on the corner by the first Etc. shop just to see us and sign our baskets, take photos with him and all. I do have a few of them, treasured ones.
It was nice to have walked in his home on the hill, have our VIP luncheons there, and get to talk with the entire family, including Grandma Bonnie.
I went to a JAM in Nashville once, 3 weeks after surgery (yes, I was a little stupid, whole lot). It was a horrible trip from beginning to end, 3 different planes to get there, lost luggage, no medicine bag to take care of my incision, had to buy clothes in the L shop and then we got stranded 5 days thereafter! My advisor friend and I were in the L shop getting something to sleep in, or whatever we could find to wear, and Dave walked by us, did a doubletake, turned and looked at me and said, "What the H happened to you? What are you doing here in a wheelchair? Are you okay?" He was sincerely worried. Kept checking on me during the whole JAM. He was sweet.
That was the year of the huge blizzard. Well, the night when all the ice was hitting TN, we were going to see Gary(? can't recall first name at this second) Wariner, country singer. I had someone put the wheelchair against the wall and sat on the end of an aisle. Dave walked down the aisle and was leaning against the wall near me. I said, "Dave," He turned around and I went to stand up. Well, God love him, he said, "No, you stay right there. I'll come to you." So he came over, gave me a hug and talked to me for awhile.
The last time I really got to talk to him (and there were zillions of times, but all of these are the most special) was the Bee before he died. I was at the advisor reception. Saw Dave. Went to speak to him. Tami walked over to speak to him, so I kept my distance. Just as I was ready to go over to him, this bunch of crazies came running over with a camera, grabbing the poor guy for a photo (hardly any hair, very sickly looking, and they just had to have a photo -- I felt so sad for him). I again waited. He then saw me and said, "You've been waiting to talk to me haven't you?" I said yes, and he came over and gave me a great big hug and just held on. I think he knew I really cared about him as a person and not as D L, the owner, etc. We wound up talking about his treatments and all that he was feeling. The Lord gave me 10 whole minutes with him; it was like we were standing in a bubble for 10 minutes -- for me to have that much time without him being interrupted is a miracle in itself.
I'm so sorry I went on so long, but I wanted to share a few special times with Dave. You're welcome to use any of them to help talk about the book and just what a great man he was.

RE:  Sharing Stories

I've been reading all the wonderful stories everyone is sharing and am
enjoying them tremendously!  I'd like to share a story that I heard
Charlene Cucokvich (our very first consultant) share at a region meeting.
She said at the time that we could share the story at shows, so I'm sure
she won't mind sharing it on the Vine (I hope!)  Charlene was telling about
when she first started doing home shows.  Dave called her and said that he
wanted to come to her home and see what she does at these shows.  So,
Charlene invited some friends to come to her home for a show and Dave came.
She told about how the LB family used baskets in everyday life and
explained how they used a particular basket (now I can't remember which
one) to collect eggs from the chickens.  After the show, Charlene walked
Dave to his car and he told her how much he enjoyed her presentation but
explained that his family never had/owned chickens!!!  She said she was
completely embarrassed but they laughed about it!





Meeting Tami!

Several years ago I was a speaker at a meeting in Dallas for close to 300
people,  Tami Longaberger was there.  the Director in charge knew that my
husband would be there also and asked if he would guard Tammi Longaberger as
she signed our baskets.  He graciously did that, but before we left, I
called both of our daughters (out of state) and they asked Gene what he
would be wearing when he guarded Tammi Longaberger.  They didn't approve of
his outfit he planned to wear, so they conferred and mailed him a new outfit
to wear-sport shirt and pants so he would look his best for Tammi.  She also
wrote both of us a thank you, to him for guarding her and to me for being a
speaker.  Those are both memories that we will never forget. And my first
encounter with Longaberger, before I even signed up was a luncheon in Dallas
TX where Dave sat at the same luncheon table that I sat at right across the
table from me!!!!!!  It didn't take me long to decide that I needed and
wanted to be a part of this wonderful company!


Meeting (the other) Tami!
I was at this Dallas Meeting as well!!!  I think it was a LINKS training!!!  Wow was it fantastic!!!  I too have a similar story.  My sponsor, her sister and I were headed to breakfast and Tracey (my sponsor) has an "eagle eye" - Hollers from across the Lobby - Oh my goodness - there's Tami - I told her she was seeing things - I hadn't had my coffee yet - so I was still eyes wide closed!! LOL.   We lost sight of her and got in line to be seated.  RIGHT BEHIND Tami.  When the hostess asked how many - she turned and said - "Can I join you?"  Who was she kidding - we were all ready to faint!  Imagine - grown women doing the happy dance!!!  so she said four please and then changed it to five - that Mike was still showering, and would join shortly!......We had a lovely breakfast - wound up getting both her and then hubby Mike Kaido's signatures and got to sit right behind her at the meeting as well.  Learned many things regarding the company and the "why" things were done - and back then there was nothing happening like there is in today's TLC!!!! 
The best part was that she let us ask her anything we wanted and those answers she didn't know - she got back to us via the phone - the look on my hubby's face when she called one evening about a week later was priceless!!! 
It's great to think back - thanks for reminding me of this great Dallas Meeting!
The other Tami!!!  Tee hee
Family sitings.
I must thank everyone who has posted with their stories about meeting Dave and family.  They have been really fun to read.  I wanted to share a story that happened at last years Bee.  We had a *vanful* of ladies and we were returning from the Homestead on our way to Columbus for the Bee.  We decided to stop and have lunch at the new Golf Course.  None of us had seen it and thought it would be a great place to have lunch.  Well we pulled off the freeway and came to a stop at the end of the off ramp, when a black mercedes pulled up next to us honking, then the window was rolled down with a lady waving at us.  You guess it, it was Tami Longaberger!  What a thrill!  She actually honked at US to wave HI!  When I saw her at the Bee at the Advisor reception, I told her how much it meant to all of us to have her do this!  As a matter of fact, I think oll of us ended up meeting her at some point and we all commented on it.  By the time I ran into her, she said "Boy, there sure were a lot of you ladies in that VAN!"  A memory to be treasured!





Favorite Grandma Bonnie Story - it is hard to choose because she is a great story-teller - we know where Dave got that talent!  As a new BAand attending GST, we were invited to have dinner with the whole family and I was fortunate enough to sit next to Bonnie!   She told stories about the kids and kept us in stitches but the best thing was when she spilled her green beans on the floor and without missing a beat, blamed it on the poor girl sitting next to her and then she ate her own dessert and her neighbors!  I will never forget that meal!  I don't remember anything I ate but I remember the green beans and the dessert!  She is a grand lady and the best part is - she does not know it!!!    I know you did not ask for a Bonnie story but I had to share!  Still makes me smile.

LONGABERGER SIBLING INFORMATION, from Vonda's archives for you!  Don't know who originally shared. 

I've had the pleasure to meet all of the Longaberger children and would love to share this with you, so you can (in a way) meet them too.

Before The Homestead opened, we got family signatures in Dresden. It was really neat, because there was seating available, and I would just sit for a while watching others coming in and out to get their signatures. Some people came in to get a signature just because it was the thing to do. Others wanted to meet real family members, the ones that grew up making the baskets. These were some of the most joyful times I spent in Dresden and I loved listening to the various family members tease each other back and forth. (At The Homestead, it is more like standing in line to purchase a movie ticket; once you get your sig! nature, you move on so the next person can get theirs. There is no place to visit or to sit.) Did you realize that Dave's siblings have children of their own? Tami and Rachel are not Grandma Bonnie's only grandchildren. She even has great grandchildren.

[NOW DECEASED]  The oldest of the Grandma Bonnie's children is Genevieve. She was born in 1928 and is married to a man named Percy, and I've visited with him too. They live further from Dresden and she is not one of the regular "signers" at the Homestead, so it is a treat when you get to meet her. Percy is a treat too - we traded jokes for a half hour one time. Genevieve and Wendy (# 2) were the oldest and helped take care of the youngest ones when they were little.

Wendy is the second child, born in 1929. She is my favorite. Everyone likes to tease Wendy, and when the LB children all used to sign at the Bee (they quit doing this last year), her siblings would do things such as put signs in front of her that said &Q! UOT;Don't feed Wendy" like she was a zoo animal or something. She always remembers me when I visit and is so nice. She lives in Dresden with her husband Bob.

Jerry is the third born and is almost two years younger than Wendy, born in 1931. He and his wife Donna lived in Georgia for many years and still have family there. Jerry is a hoot! You never know what to believe when he says something. I've seen Jerry on the street and he teases me, we've seen him at the one of our favorite local restaurants (but he won't pay our bill for us), and he is just about the friendliest person you could ever meet. Jerry weaves baskets at J.W.'s workshop and it is so cool to see him doing what he did as a kid.

The fourth child is Dale or "Larry", born in 1933. I believe is a widower, his wife passed away several years ago after a bout with cancer. Larry's nickname is "Skunk" and he is the one to originate the mini baskets. He was making miniature baske! ts for gifts for his family members and he also wove some of the mini award baskets given away at the Bee in past years. When I've met Larry, he seems to be one of the more quiet members of the family - but that could just be because his siblings don't give him a chance to talk!

We all know the fifth Longaberger child was Dave, born in 1934. I did get to meet Dave and briefly talk to him once. My favorite memories of Dave are when he signed my basket that all his siblings had already signed, and when he was up on stage during the Bee in 98. Tami and Rachel drew a smiley face in lipstick on the back of his balding head. I admire him and wish I had had the opportunity to sit down and talk to him.

Richard or "Rich" is the sixth child and was born in 1936, the same year as my parents were born. He was a teacher and coach at Tri Valley High School, where all the kids in Dresden go to school. I've only had the opportunity to meet Rich when all the sibling! s were signing once at The Bee and once in Dresden. The one time in Dresden was a bit disappointing because I was waiting with Percy (Genevieve's husband) for the signature time to end so I could get a picture of all the siblings together to post on The Weave. We were trying to do this, but Rich wouldn't allow it because he thought the people that got there too late for signatures would be upset. I was just trying to bring some joy back to share with the many people that couldn't go to Dresden. Oh well.

Next is Mary Ann, born in 1937. Mary Ann says "Here comes trouble" when she sees me coming in for signatures. She is really neat and teased me once about jaywalking in Dresden. This was on one of my first trips to Dresden and I was so surprised that she remembered me. Mary Ann likes doing crafts and they say she is very artistic.

The eighth child is Judy and she was born in 1939. At one time she worked in the manufacturing plant for the company. I hav! en't had the opportunity to talk with Judy much, so I don't know a lot to tell you. She is very pleasant and I look forward to seeing her again on one of my future trips to Dresden.

Virginia or "Ginny" is the ninth child and was born in 1940. In the past few years, Ginny has been taking care of Grandma Bonnie. Just last year I saw them together when we went to eat at a local restaurant in the Newark area. Since Ginny doesn't sign on a regular basis anymore, I was very lucky to get her signature on my Grandma Bonnie Two Pie Basket. One of the local Bed and Breakfast owners is her niece and she kept my basket for me and took it to Thanksgiving dinner to have Ginny sign. She actually signed it twice; once on the bottom and then once on the front splints where 10 of her siblings all signed. I also have Tami's signature on this basket, on the handle opposite of Grandma Bonnie's burned in signature.

Number 10 is Gary, born in 1943. Gary is really nice and! a very funny man. I saw him at Popeye's last December and we had a great time chatting. I told some other people that he would sign a basket for $2, and they believed me. So I took them up to Gary and introduced them to him, and told him how I explained that it was $2 per basket. He went along with the joke and we had a great laugh. Of course he gave the money back, but it was fun. He was at the Collector’s Club gathering in my city and he was so pleasant, and dressed very handsomely.

You would think that Grandma Bonnie would be tired of having children, but not her. Carmen was the last of the children to be born at home, in 1943. She was born on Jerry's birthday (what a present, huh?) Carmen rides her bike in town any chance she gets, and doesn't drive a car. She told me that if they want her to sign baskets at The Homestead, one of her siblings picks her up or she doesn't go. She is really a lot of fun, and takes a lot of teasing from her siblings. Carmen lives do! wn the street from one of the places I stay when visiting Dresden and we have talked about her coming over for a cookout some time.

Last but not least is Jeff who was born in 1945. Jeff was the only Longaberger child of Grandma Bonnie's to be born in a hospital. The first time I got to meet Jeff was a couple of months after he had heart problems and he decided to retire. He was nice and seemed quiet. The last time I saw Jeff I took his picture and he turned around in his chair with his back to me so I could get a picture of "his better side".

These are just a few of my memories made when visiting Dresden. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed writing them down for you.