Paint and Wallpaper that coordinate with Longaberger  Botanical Fields 

These were the ones I collected over time from the vine. Hope this helps 

 Check out Waverly book titled "Sketchbook."  The wallpapers match Botanical
Fields perfectly!

  Paint that matches Botanical Fields

 Sherwin Williams Midnight Rose (#SW1293)

 For more neutral color - Sherwin Williams Taupe Trivia (#SW1058). 

 Martha Stewart Everyday Living in Green Tea Paint

 Behr ~ Contemporary White (NOT White at all) Looks awesome w/ the Botanical Fields

Benjamin Moore #911  


Botanical Fields paint colors
    How ironic!  I must have missed the post on this today (or yesterday).  I spent the afternoon painting the lower half of the walls in my entry way getting ready to put the Botanical Fields border up!  Since I'm not a "green" person, I went with a taupe color - "Fine Vellum" (82.3-D) from KMart.  It was a toss-up between that and a shade lighter called "Sandy Surf" on the same card.   Gail B. in NE


I just re-did a bedroom in Botanical Fields, using the wallpaper border.  It
looks fabulous.  I painted the walls taupe, Benjamin Moore Paint, Eggshell
AquaVelvet (that's the type of paint), and the color was #1018.  Don't know
the name of the color, but it is 1018.  It is BEAUTIFUL!  Very warm looking,
and the wallpaper border is absolutely fabulous on it.  I'm putting a double
valance up, lattice leaf underneath and botanical fields on top.  I also
bought a BF shower curtain and am going to make a cornice for the upper
window and pad it and put the fabric from the shower curtain on the cornice
to cover it.  I didn't know how else to get a big piece of the fabric!  So I
bought the shower curtain.  My new desk will be delivered this week, and then
I'm going to move my computer in, and voila!  New office! 

Keyword:  BF coordinating colors
We recently built a new home and I used the BF border in my office.  I used Valspar paints, Moonlight as the base and sponged on Bran Muffin over that.  It turned out to be an excellent match, it looks as if the top part of the border is the exact same color as the walls- creamy.  I have received many compliments on it, people think that my walls are papered also.  I get to tell them, nope, it is paint and see the shock on their faces! 
Have fun!
Vicki in Iowa
Keyword:  Botanical Fields Tab Tie Valances
My Grandmother has run a professional drapery business all her life.   When I decided to buy the Botanical Fields Valances and side Panels I had her sew them together for me.  These are just some things she pointed out to me to pass on to Longaberger:
  1. "Very Good" curtains should match perfectly next to each other.  In other words, the pattern should continuously run from one piece onto the next.  Ours, unfortunately sometimes do, and sometimes don't.  This could be due to the fact that I bought mine (6 valances and 6 side panels--large bay window) at different times....possibly they came from a different cutting).  My Grandmother says this is probably the reason, but they should still match regardless.
  2. Also, the Tabs should run the same length between tabs, even when adding other valances next to them.  Unfortunately, this isn't the case either.  If you notice the side of a valance, the end tabs are REAL close to the end, thus when you add another valance, the two end tabs are too close.  What my Grandmother did to compensate that is to have me buy more valances and make the look more full, and making the tabs be more evenly spaces throughout.
  3. I wanted to be able to pull my side panels closed with the side strings.  I don't know the technical word for this type of rod---again, SHE"S the professional, not I!  So she had to actually remove the tabs from the side panels, and pleat them to be able to do so.  She did give me the tabs when finished, which I immediately gave back and asked her to make handle tie's for me!  
  4. Also, if you plan on putting tab side panels behind tab valances (and NOT taking off the tabs from the side panels), you will need plenty of room above your window to accommodate the extra tabs from the side panel.  The side panel with tabs are meant to hang alone, so they will fit your window perfectly, 1" from the floor.  You will have to hang the valance above the side panel tabs in order to hide that rod.
  5. The professional curtain hangers that my Grandmother hires told me when hanging my curtains that these tab ties really look best with the larger round rods (3" plus).  I have to agree.  I have a 3" carved rod and it really could have been bigger in my estimate.  I went with a cheery rod to match the room, but now I think I should have gone a shade lighter wood.  I think it would have been prettier with the fabric.
I have sent all of this to the company and they said they hadn't realized these problems were occurring (the pattern not matching up), and said they would work on it, because they felt most of our customers would not be buying it all in one sitting, and would have to buy pieces at a time.  They really seemed to take this seriously, so let's hope it works out!
I personally would have NEVER noticed the problem until she and the guys she has working for her pointed it out to me.  I don't think it's too big of a deal, but now that she's told me it's wrong, I see it everyday!  Isn't that the case with a lot of things???
Kelly S. Liberty, Indiana