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Here’s what everyone received at a baby shower I recently attended.  Very, very cute!
They had taken white votive candles and wrapped them in various pastel colored tulle and tied with a narrow silk-like craft ribbon.  Attached to the ribbon they tied on a button in the shape of Noah’s Ark with animals.  These also were pastel colored.  Also attached to the ribbon was the following poem, printed with rainbow colors and cut in the shape of a rainbow.  Of course, they were all in a Longaberger® Basket by the guest register:
This is a gift for you today.
So when I’m born, you will light my way.
And when that happy day is here,
Burn this candle and spread good cheer.
      Baby {last name}
Submitted by K. Dyer
This is the poem we used for my daughter’s shower.  We used pink and blue candles wrapped in white tulle (tied with ribbon to match candle color).  Everyone loved them!  This was the poem attached.
We shower the mom with gifts it’s true,
But this shower gift is just for you!
Submitted by Sherry from Ohio
The last shower I went to had tiny flower pots (maybe an inch high) with a bulb in each, setting on a piece of pastel colored paper.  The pot was tied with tulle.  The verse on the paper was:
We all know that it will soon be spring
And _______ will soon be delivering!
Just as God will shine from above
Please plant this bulb in light and love.
Please keep this little flower pot
As a reminder of our growing tot.
Thank you for sharing in this day 
And keeping the {last name}’s near your heart
Though they live so far away. (This line can be omitted.)
Thank you!
I thought this was different and really cute.  You can be as creative as you like with pink ribbon, blue ribbon, different colors of tulle.
This game always seems to get a laugh out of everyone. You will need disposable diapers, candy bars, paper and pens. You melt candy bars in the microwave on wax paper and very carefully transfer them to a diaper, lightly smash the candy bar into diaper (guess what it looks like). The object is to try and guess what kind of candy bar it is. 

We have also had the baby food game where you buy 5-6 jars of baby food and everyone tries to guess what kind it is. The are allowed to smell and taste it if they want. 
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