EVERYONE wants to go to Dresden.  They want to tour the basket building, they want to see the weaving floor, they want to SHOP at the Homestead and in downtown Dresden.  Many consultants like to plan bus trips for their customers so they can go as a group.  There is a lot of WORK and CREATIVITY needed to bring a bus trip to fruition.  The bottom line is filling the bus and of course making sure your guests have a TERRIFIC time!










Christmas in Dresden

Are you ready for a fun filled two day trip to Dresden and the shopping area J

Leaving on November 19th at 5:30 am and returning November 20th at 11:00 p.m.

We will depart from the park and Ride on Hammonds Ferry Road off of 695 heading toward Glen Burnie Exit 8.
Second pick up on 70 heading towards Hagerstown.

Included in bus trip:
Coach Travel accommodations
Breakfast on the bus (First Day)
Basket combo filled with snacks and goodies
Lodging at the Cherry Lodge Valley Inn
Dinner (first Day)
And Lots of surprises J along the way

Two in a room $195.00 per person
Three in a room $185.00 per person
Four in a room $175.00 per person
Full names, address and phones numbers must be filled in complete.
Name                        Name                    
Address                    Address                
Phone                    Phone                

Name                        Name                    
Address                    Address                
Phone                    Phone                

Method of payment

Credit card Type         Expiration date    Credit card #            

Check #          cash            

A $50.00 dollar deposit is due by August 15 2000 to hold your seat ( This is non-refundable)  The rest of your money will be due September 25 2000.  (at this point  all monies will be non-refundable)

***If you have any special medical needs please note them here***





I have always stayed at the Super 8 Motel in Coshocton for my bus trips.  Linda Eaton, the manager there, is super to work with.  Because they do not have an elevator I have a place on my registration form that says:
Do you require a first-floor room (motel has no elevator)?____Yes    ____No
Note that it says require and not desire---that way the people who are older or who are not in good health can be sure to have the first floor rooms.  And the others know ahead of time about there being no elevator if they are on the second floor.  After hearing grumbling after the first time we stayed there this has eliminated a lot of problems.





This is a compilation of tips and experiences from people who have  gone on or organized bus trips to the basket mecca.


I did a bus trip in June and filled the bus with 53 people. When figuring costs I started with the bus, motel (for 3 nights), lunch (Subway) on the way out, I had planned a dinner at the Basket Company Restaurant for the final night we were there (it ended up that was the time of the floods there so we didn't get to go, but we went to the Cracker Barrel instead), also figure on door prizes, we also gave a basket to everyone who went (I ended up with a $1700 show to get these).  I didn't figure this in but made sure that the people who wanted to Make-A Basket knew the total and that they had reservations.

The door prizes were small and large. We gave away a Kiddie Purse and a Small Fruit Basket. I do a lot of sewing and did a wall hanging. We gave tie-ons, note pads, other small items.

The Bentley Guide will "sponsor" your trip. All they mean by that is they will send you a Collector Checklist for everyone who is going and they will also give you a gift certificate for a pocket Bentley Guide to give away as a door prize. They also send you a mailing list for your customers who would like to be on their mailing list. This was a nice extra for us and the Bentley Guide received a lot of new customers!

I figured it so that I didn't have to pay for my trip and I also made it so that my Branch Advisor didn't have to pay for her trip either. She helped me fill the bus with some of her customers. But that was the only "profit" there was. By the time I figured all the phone calls and door prizes I was probably in the hole a little bit.

We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Zanesville. They were wonderful and really helpful.

I did call Guest Relations and they made the restaurant reservations and helped with Make-A-Basket reservations. They also set up the time for you to tour the Corporate Office and the Manufacturing Plant.

We had a really good time and the minute we returned people were asking me when I was going to get another one together. So it was a success.


Peggy is leaving tomorrow for Dresden on a bus trip. We usually do one every year. Anyway, I have been involved in 3 trips from Davenport Northpark Mall. We drive one whole day (leave about 7 a.m.) and then usually just let the guests relax, eat out, and sleep. The next day we tour the plant, shop all afternoon, lunch at the Highlands, and then at night we have a "show & tell".

The next morning we usually let them shop again for a couple hours then return home. It is a long ride - we play games, give door prizes, lots of pop and snacks, serve lunch in a tagged basket on the way, and talk about the present baskets. On the way home, we usually watch videos because they are tired.....

It is alot of work but really a fun trip.  We get box lunches in Dresden from a church for the lunch on the way home. It is easier that way. They are wonderful! We have rolls, juice, coffee, etc in the morning at the hotels. It is better to sponsor a bus with another consultant because one year we ended up with 3 buses and I had to have one bus alone as the only consultant - I was totally worn out when we got home. It is a lot of running up and down the aisles as we wait on them hand and foot. Keeping everyone happy is a chore too - but they love it and are always willing to go again.

We even made shopping bags for everyone one year, we make nametags, have a goodie bag, etc. We served banana bread one year in the morning and one year we bought muffins.  Lots of things to think of and we take lots of baskets. It is not a moneymaker by any means!!!!!!


Hi Vonda You asked about the bus trip to Dresden.  Let's see what I can remember....

We went in June, a Thurs through Sun on a coach bus.  We met at a hotel parking lot where people could leave their vehicles if they wanted.  The bus was full!  It had several TV monitors hooked up to a VCR so we could watch movies.  I think we watched 6 or 8 all together.  There was a couple I didn't care for too much, so I think I dosed off then.  People brought reading material or needle work etc to keep busy.  It got to be a long ride.

There was no smoking on the bus, so the smokers wanted to stop more frequently.  The bus had a restroom that was kept fairly busy (40 some women!).  We played basket company trivia a couple times and a word scramble.  Maybe 2 games on the way down & 1 or 2 on the way home.  We had 6 consultants along. 

One time they each got up and talked about a favorite basket and the different uses for it.  On the way home we each figured out what we spent shopping and wrote it down and handed it to XXXXX.  Each person wrote down a guess on what the total bus spent & the closest one got a prize.  I'm trying to remember what the prizes were.  I know the tea basket, the kiddie purse and the oregano basket for sure.  Just little things for the most part, maybe some notecards or memo pads with baskets on them.

I think we all put on weight.  XXXXXX had her 2 daughters with and they were always handing out snacks & beverages (in baskets, of course) during movies etc.  The bus left at 6 a.m.  (I got up at 3 am) from St.  Paul.  When we got there we were handed a folder with our name on it that had a detailed itinerary, some BC info and hotel info.  We also got a muffin, fruit and beverage.  We stopped at a wayside rest for lunch - that's when we got our lunch basket.  Lunch was a sandwich, chips, cup of pasta salad & cookies.

We made another stop somewhere for gas late afternoon.  Some of us grabbed a lite snack (not included in cost of trip).  We got to our hotel around 7 or 8 pm.  It was set up so that there were 2 people to a room.  Everyone was on their own after that.  Groups went off for dinner or swimming or whatever.

There was continental breakfast in the hotel in the a.m.  We had to have our luggage at the bus by a certain time.  We had the best bus driver.  A retired guy that had lost his wife and had 2 daughters.  He ended up buying the daughters baskets!  He was a riot! 

In the morning we still had 2 hours to travel to Dresden.  We got going early.  First we went to the factory area and had a tour and saw the showcases and, of course, the shopping area.  It was really crowded & you could get those things other places so we didn't spend much time there.  I'm sure it's all different now.  Then we went to Dresden.  Everyone was on their own again for a few hours.  We had tickets to eat at a Famous Basket Company restaurant between certain times (included in cost).  There was lots of great shopping for Basket Company accessories you don't normally see.  That's also when we made our baskets (you should have a reservation).  Back on the bus late afternoon.  Travel to the hotel (there was no place to stay close by).  Everyone was on their own again for dinner.  In the evening, we all met in the hotel lobby and showed our purchases from the day.  Lots of fun things to see!  The next morning we had continental breakfast at the hotel again.  Then off to the corporate office.  It was Sat so not many people around.  Someone told us all about the building and we gathered for a picture on the spiral staircase.  I think there were at least 30 cameras on the table that got used.  After that, we had a choice.  Either more shopping in Dresden or an Amish tour in the hills of Holmes County.  I can't remember if there was an extra charge for the tour, I went shopping.  This is when we got our baskets signed by family members.  The ones that went on the tour said it was very interesting and they made some purchases too.  That evening we had an Amish meal at Der Dutchman (included in cost), but it was an hour away and we were all tired.  I don't think it was worth putting an extra 2 hours of travel in for it.

Sunday morning we headed home early.  Again we stopped at a wayside for lunch.  I think XXXXXX had ordered subway sandwiches to be delivered to the hotel that morning before we left.  She had several coolers in the luggage area with pop etc.

The cost was $350/person.  We had to have a deposit of $100 sent in early to secure transportation and hotels.  The balance was due sometime in May.  The cost included 3 nights hotel, the bus, lots of food, our "surprise" lunch basket, prizes and odds and ends.  It also gave her an emergency fund, just in case.  When we didn't need it, we gave it to the bus driver as a tip.

I forgot to tell you at our first stop we all had to write down the names of 5 or 6 people we introduced ourselves to.  It was a great ice breaker.  When we got back on the bus we did some things with that.  There might have been a prize for the one that had the most names written down. 



I rubberstamp a basket image on post card sized cardstock.  (Nippert Clip Art - bnclipart@aol.com - would work well too)

I color the image with Markers or colored pencils.  This part can be done well ahead of time.....

Next, I run off everyone's name on clear address labels using a fun font.  Place the labels by the colored image.

Take your handy circle cutter (or trace a cup upside down over your image and name) and cut out the tags to be uniform size.

Laminate the little circle tags and circle cut them again leaving a 1/4 inch of overlap.

Purchase the little pin bars from Michaels or another craft store (I buy the ones with the sticky on them already) and assemble.

I also run off people's full names on return address (the little) labels and place them on the back of the nametag.  This way if you have two "Karen"s on the bus, you know who has arrived.

We got smart this year and purchased large white envelopes, adorned them with rubberstamping, and had everyone's literature, name tag, $10 LB gift certificate, and assorted items needed for the trip, all with their names on the outside.

The tags always draw great reviews and we get nice comments from other people at the Homestead.  



Word Search Games (printable)


I played this game on my recent bus trip and it was a huge hit!  I can't take credit for thinking this up because I know somewhere out there someone posted the idea before. 

Heres how I did it.  When we first got rolling in the morning I notified them that we were going to be playing "Who wants to win a basket?"  I suggested they get to know others on the bus and their knowledge of th Basket Company (BC) and history. Since they might be our future contestant and need to use one of their life lines and phone a friend.  This was a great icebreaker for the bus.

Everyone's name was in a basket and as we drew names the winner reached into another basket and drew out their prize slip.  One of the slips said "contestant for who wants to win a basket!" This is how I got my contestant.  I have to admit a lot of people were saying please don't let me pick that slip out!  We started laughing at the agony of some people.  Little did they know that who ever got the slip was going to win whether I had to be their life line!!!  I really didn't have any way to run this game a second time.  It was a one shot deal! My questions were intentionally pretty easy so I wouldn't have that problem.  I figured if she really did lose by selecting a wrong answer I would just put everyone's name in a hat and draw for the basket.

 When I had my contestant I let the bus have 3 minutes to tell her everything they thought she should know about BC.  It was a Hilarious. 

The first few questions she didn't receive anything then by the 3rd question I gave her 1 item for every right answer.  Tie on, Handle gripper, custard cup, coffee mug, napkins then protector, liner and basket to the bountiful harvest.  She would get to keep what ever she had up to that point if she answered wrong. 

I was a little worried that most of the bus would be upset that she was getting a load of stuff but, just the opposite happened they where screaming as loud as she was as she kept winning.  It was unbelievable! 

When we finally pulled into Dresden she got off the bus and told everyone she was a millionaire basket winner.  I wished I would have had a brass tag made to say this for her basket. 

Questions!  They intentionally have a little humor in them!

1   BC baskets are made in what state?
    A.  State of confusion
    B.  Zanesville
    C.  Ohio
    D.  State of denial

2   What 2 things does a weaver do to the bottom of the basket when completed?
    A.  wash and wipe
    B.  sand and smooth
    C.  Buff and polish
    D.  Sign and date

3.  Handles are made from what type of wood?
    A.  Oak
    B.  Maple
    C.  Birch
    D.  Pine

4.  BC pottery is freezer, oven, microwave and ________ Safe?
    A.  Kid
    B   Dishwasher          (Any answer but C will do!)
    C.  Driveway
    D.  Husband

5.  What holds on the wooded washer on a swivel handle of a BC basket?
    A.  Copper Rivet
    B.  Tacks
    C.  Screws
    D.  Nails

6.  BC Pottery is bake for between 8-10 hrs and is guaranteed not to chip crack or craze.  What is they type of pottery that is produced by this process?
    A.  Vitrified pottery
    B.  Virtual Pottery
    C.  Hardening Process
    D.  Shaker and baker process

7.  What item can be received free with 1 booking?
    A.  Booking Basket
    B.  Votive
    C.  Napkins
    D.  Custard cup

8.  J. W.  Stands for?
    A.  John William
    B.  Joe Wendell
    C.  John Wendell
    D.  Jack Wick

9. How many children did J. W.  and Bonnie have?
    A.   4
    B.  10
    C.   6
    D.  12

10. What year did Dave Famous Basket Co. revive the basket business with his first weavers.
    A.  1973
    B.  1976
    C   1979
    D   1975

Have fun with this guys!  I know I really did.

I received a free gift and gave it away on the way home using a game.  The gifts started in the middle of the bus and was passes to who ever qualified with these questions.

Who has the most children
Longest Hair
Tallest Person
Married the longest
Oldest child
shortest person
Married then shortest time
Most recent B-day
Youngest child
Most times in Dresden
Who hosted the last home show
the person in front of them wins!
This was a great way to get to know people on the bus



Bus Trip Mirror

Give silly awards. Announce the idea and let them pick the winner. If they get hung up or cannot pick, then you will just have to go ahead and pick.

Toothpaste                        She always wore a smile ! !

$1.00 bill                           She spent the most money ! !

Band-Aid                           She had the sorest feet ! !

Pillow                                She slept the most ! !

Balloon (not blown)           She has the most hot air ! !  (talked the most)

Box of Tissues                   She had the saddest experience ! ! (for example, got sick, fell down, lost billfold)

Spices                               She spiced up the tour ! !

Vitamin C                          She has to return to the most children ! !

Pepsi                                 She has the most Pep!!

Sleeping Pills                      She stayed up the latest and wouldn't go to bed!!

Blueberry Muffin Mix         She was a true-blue friend to everyone.  And truly helped out when needed ! !

A Contract                        She is most likely to sell Longaberger® Products ! !


Bus Tour Gift Exchange -
Everyone purchases a $5-6 (or whatever you decide) gift. Have it wrapped, put in a gift bag, etc. Everyone's names are put into a basket. The tour guide pulls out a name. That person is #1. They choose an item from the bag/basket. Then another name is called. They're #2. #2 can take from #1 or from the basket. If they take from #1, then #1 gets to choose another item from the basket. #3 then is called, and they can take from 1 or 2 or the basket. And so on.
If you've received an item back 3 times, it is then yours, and no one can take it from you. People even connive with one another to get what they want. It's a riot!
Now, at the very end, #1 can take whatever they wish from anyone, and that person gets the last item in the basket. Ours took about 1-1/2 hours to complete. We all laughed so much, our jaws hurt.
I call it Shuvundah, some call it a Chinese exchange. I gave it this name years ago when my husband's family exchanged gifts. They gave ridiculous, stupid items -- things that they had they wanted to get rid of. So I called it that because it was "shove onto". But since then, even with our branch, we call it Shuvundah. Where my last job was, everyone couldn't wait til Shuvundah. They still do it, too, and I left a year ago. Cool, huh?



We made survival kits for our trip and put them into the canning jars.  Our theme was the Amazing Dresden Race, so it was something they would *need* on their trip.....

The Amazing Dresden Race

Star Burst - should you need a burst of energy to keep on shopping.

Band-aid – to use on blisters from all the walking.

$100 Grand Bar - to represent your spending limit!!!

Homestead and Dresden Maps - so you don't get lost.

Pencil - to calculate your savings as a Longaberger Consultant. (We have contracts aboard the bus!)

Safety pin -  to fix anything that rips while reaching for a great bargain.

Large, heavy-duty garbage bag - to put all your purchases in before loading the bus (Could also be used as emergency rain poncho!)

Name Tags - to tie to your bags filled with your treasures.

Hershey Kiss - to remind you of the loved ones at home who need gifts.

Nail File - to break out of jail if you spend too much!!

Penny - so you won't be COMPLETELY broke!

String - to hold it all together when you feel you have to buy EVERYTHING!!! (Remember you can come back again!)

Tissues - for when it's time to say good-bye to all your new basket buddies.

I had this printed out with some nippert graphics of the jars...4 to a page...if you want the file, I have it in Word or Word Perfect and can send it.  Put it inside the jar facing out, so they could read it.  Left it on their seats for a surprise!  

Hope that helps,
Lisa in VB


1999 Survival Kit

I received this at a RM and used it for a bus trip by putting one of each item in a L.  napkin and tying it closed with stars and attaching this poem.  I handed this out to each person one at a time which gave me a chance to talk with each.  They Loved It.


A Kiss to remind you that you are loved.

A Match to light your fire when you feel burned out.

A Tootsie Roll to remind you not to bite off more than you can chew.

Smarties to help you on those days when you don't feel so smart

A Starburst to give you a burst of energy on the days you don't have any.

A Snickers to remind you to take time to laugh

And, most importantly, a Candle to remind you to brighten someone else's day.



PS you can order book matched from DVA and they have baskets on the cover.  NICE.

Bus Trip Survival kit

These "survival kits" have a bottle of water, breath mints/gum, ear plugs, packet of tissues, wet wipes, chapstick, a phone card ( cheap at Sams ) , hand lotion and a pen and notepad in them.

Hope this helps -- These were a hit on my trip !!


The Yankee swap:

We have everyone that wants to participate purchases a $5.00 gift and make sure it is in a bag and then we draw numbers and the first person opens her gift number 2 can take 1 or open her gift number 3 can take 1 or 2's or keep hers and so on. Everyone really enjoys it. Please keep sharing Bus ideas




This is a really fun thing to do on a 2-day bus trip to the Homestead/Dresden area.  On our last trip to Ohio, after we shopped the first afternoon, one of the guests on the bus suggested we hold an Open House that night at the motel.  It was great fun.  Those who wanted to participate set up all of the goodies they had purchased that day.  If there were 3-4 in a room, they set up on beds, desk, etc.  Some really got into it and even served snacks.  It was great to see what everyone had found, learn where it was purchased and see how they set up their little displays.  This allowed others to go back the next day and pick up something that they may have seen in one of the rooms.  It also provided an opportunity for the bus guests to get better acquainted.
I want to Thanks all of you that have shared your entertaining ideas you use on your bus trips I do a bus queen for the day. It starts out when we pass out the name tags we put a star on one of them and she/he has to commit to doing 8 of the 10 listed below. I have a Teirra and sash she/he must wear all day. You can change the list. The more embarrassing the better. They can give it to someone else if they dont want to do it. But most of them know that they get a nice gift at the end of the day. I usually give a basket or pottery






This list may or may not be accurate at this time.  When contacting these persons - please be understanding if they are not able to help you. 



Dresden Village Association - 1-800-315-1809   www.dresdenohio.com - they will send the DVA Booklets for $5 for 35 Booklets. On page 7 of the DVA Booklet, there is a page full of coupons to use in Dresden. Lots of good information in the Booklet. We ordered one for every guest on the bus.

Aimee's 1-800-563-7103    tour packet with gift certificate

Humble Heart    1-888-HUMBLE1 or 1-740-754-2228

Rooster's        1-740-754-3500    Gift Certificate

Fashion Lids    1-800-994-1033    4 Gift Certificates

Samantha's Surprises  1-740-754-2836    Each person gets a small key, take the key to the store and if it opens the  Treasure Chest, you win a prize. They have some really cute things for sale.

Today's Yesterday's Tomorrow's Memories - 1-740-754-3711 Each person gets a number. Each day they have a number posted and whoever has that number, wins a prize.

Bentley Guide - One certificate for a free pocket guide plus literature about the Guide. 1-800-837-4394






Trip/Flight Instructions:
Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome aboard the Dresden Dreams 2001 Tour. Our anticipated time of arrival in Dresden this afternoon is 2pm. We will be cruising at a speed of approximately 65MPH with a hopeful altitude of ground level. Our pilot today is ______ and of course I am your senior flight attendant and head basket case Mindy.

At this time I would like to bring your attention to the emergency shopping instructions located on the back of the seat in front of you. (hold up Wish List) If your instructions are missing please let me know, this is only for the unlikely event that you just can't wait till we get there and need to pick out more must haves to order when you return.
This bus does not come equipped with seat restraints, however, if one is required, (hold up lg. garter) one of LB™s large garters will do the trick. Just put it over your head and one arm and have the person behind you help in putting it over the back of your seat. With now over __ exclusive fabrics to choose from you are sure to find one to suit your fancy.
Now, this bus is equipped with many emergency exits located at almost every window. If you are seated closest to one of these exits, you may be asked to assist all others in the event of an immediate evacuation. In doing so, please make sure each passenger has his or her baskets before they exit, if not, you may keep them. Oh, and just so you know, our first shopping stop does not call for emergency evacuation, there is plenty for everyone!

Please note that the seat pocket in front of you does not have an airsick bag. With _______ at the wheel, there should not be a need for one. If you decide to get sick on us, please use the restroom in the rear. If an emergency landing is deemed necessary, Longaberger seat cushions (show seat cushion) again available in all __ fabrics so you may pick one to match your outfit, will be available to use as a flotation device. That is until such time that they become saturated with water, at which time, they will sink.
If cabin pressure is lost and oxygen should become necessary during our trip, Chives baskets will fall from overhead compartments. Please stretch out the medium garter, place the basket over your nose and mouth and take extra deep breaths of the smell of the stain. If you are traveling with a small child or someone who needs assistance with their oxygen, I mean stain smell, make sure you keep their Chives basket as payment for your help.
I must remind you that this is a non-smoking bus ride, and all Longaberger facilities including the bed & breakfast homes we are staying in are smoke free. The bus lavatory is equipped with a smoke detector. Should smoke be detected, an alarm will sound and the ejection seat will activate immediately. Those traveling with an ejected passenger should be instructed to keep all of their Longaberger items as keepsakes.
Last but not least, if anyone would like a pillow for comfort, we do have Longaberger pillows available for your sleeping pleasure. Once again thank you for traveling with us. I hope you enjoy your trip!


(It is believed that Mindy Runion originated this idea.)



You must be willing to complete 8 of the 10 that are list to be eligible to receive the special award
1. Sing a song to everyone on the bus

2. Tells us about your most embarrassing moment

3. Give ideas or uses for 5 of the following Longaberger Products

This can be any products you want

4. Name your favorite Longaberger product and why.

5. Tell 5 people you don't know at the Homestead that you were chosen queen for the day and get their signature and where they are from.

6. You must wear the queen attire for the entire day

7. Share 6 things about the person beside you

8. Talk to 5 Longaberger employees and tell them you are a Bus Queen and get their signatures

9. Give your height and weight

10 Talk with the Bus driver and give us 5 interesting things about him

RE QUEEN FOR A DAYI am the consultant that does The Queen for the Day on my bus trips. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply Her is how it works. After we are enroute I pass out the name tags and on the back of one of the tags I put a basket sticker then I ask who has the sticker and she is queen for the day. She has a list of 10 things, and she has to do 9 of them. Here are a few ideas! Sing a song, Tell her most embarrassing moment of her life. Tell 5 interesting things about the person beside her, Tell how old she is, Get 5 employes signture at the homestead and tell them the she the queen for the day. and ect. You can make up what ever you want her to do. The more embarrassing the more fun it is for everyone else. I have her wear a tiara and a sash all day. Then on our way home if she has met the requirments she gets a special gift. (A longaberger product) I give her the option to not do it if she does not want to and she can pick anyone else on the bus.


UFO bus trip

Hi~ I read your post about wanting ideas for your bus trip. I laughed out loud when I read that you were going to take your guests to their weaver! I thought of a game that might be fun. It's just a Q&A game about aliens.

1. What star of the Aliens movies could work for LB solely because of her last name?

2. What alien might drink milk through his finger in our Woven Traditions glassware?

3. What actress, who starred in My Stepmom is an Alien, might store her Oscar in the Woven Panel Chest?

4. Which movie character needs an entire Vanity Basket to hold all those bobby pins used to keep her buns in place?

5. What alien hides behind the cat's bed, which could be the Lg Storage Solutions, waiting for his snack to come take a nap?

6. Our products are entirely American made.
In what movie did Will Smith save the U.S. from total destruction by aliens so that we could keep collecting our LB? (okay maybe not for us, but it's a nice thought)

1. Sigourney Weaver
2. Mork
3. Kim Basinger
4. Princess Leah
5. Alf
6. Independence Day

These are the only questions I could come up with. There are lots of other movies with aliens like Men In Black, Fire in the Sky, among others. These are just the ones that I came up with. Also, as a prize, you could give away a dessert bowl with lid, turned upside down it looks like a flying saucer.
Anyway, have fun. It sounds like a great bus trip. I wish that I lived close enough to plan a bus trip. It would take two or three days just to get there from here!


IDEAS FOR A 50'S THEME TOUR if you are on a bus with a VCR which most have now these days.. why not show the GREASE movie!!! Decorate in pinks and teal like Popeyes cause those 50's colors!! For cute pins maybe take round wooden discs. paint them black with a small white circle in the middle to represent the record label and put each persons name on with a paint pen!!! attach a pin back and you're ready to go!!! Maybe a good theme would be "Rockin' around Dresden" or Rockin' around the clock in Dresden or something like that I am sure if I had lots of time to think I could come up with even more!!!! cute scarf's to wear might be cute too!!! they always wore those around their necks!!!


Word Search Games (printable)

In the 80's I was very preppy---skinny ties, navy and lime green, Aigner purses and shoes.

The movie that made ragged off-the-shoulder sweatshirts and leg warmers all the rage was "FAME."

Remember Olivia Newton-John's video for "Physical?"

This was also the Michael Jackson era--moonwalking, one glove...the "Thriller" album.

I lived in Houston in 1980 when "URBAN COWBOY" came out with John Travolta and Debra Winger. I went with my church youth group and the whole theater cheered when they showed the Houston skyline. The scene in Gilly's looked like the high school snack bar! Everyone down there already dressed like that, but I remember cowboy fever sweeping the nation (and Europe) combined with the popularity of "Dallas." Lots of businessmen began wearing cowboy hats and boots with their suits!

There are lots of ways you can go with this! My personal fav singer of the decade? RICK SPRINGFIELD! :-)

OK, have I shown my age yet? Ha!
Better remain anonymous...