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Have the bride to be create her list and give you a copy. You can include a copy of her list in the invitation and have the guests contact you. 
This is what I did :  made a document in Word using microsoft and used pink colored card stock. You can fit 8 to 10 of these on a sheet of paper or card stock. Cut them and tuck it in the invitation.
    Jane Doe's Longaberger Bridal
    Registry is available through :
    Penne ----------
    Independent Longaberger Consultant (choose your wording or title)
    Email address
    Gift certificates available.
The gift certificates are the way to go. You and her have the flexibility to get the most for the money. Hope this helps.
  I used this for my boss's daughter and it worked well.      Jennie H




Invitation 1

This link has some different stuff and some repeat -- at some point I'll get the two merged as one ... UNTIL THEN ...

I used a lot of baskets at my wedding six years ago. We do not carry most of them but maybe my ideas can be used with some of our current baskets.

I used the 9 inch Measuring basket with a topiary inside a vase inside the basket as centerpieces. My cousins and I made the topiaries so that cut the cost on the overall project. I also made wooden heart "tie-ons" with my bridal party and moms and topiary makers names on the back and my husband and my name and date on the front. This way the centerpieces were given to them after the reception.

I used the pantry for the little bubble containers at church. The 9 inch measuring was also used for the bubble containers as well. I used tulle in cream and navy (my color theme) to wind around the baskets and fabric lily of the valley.

I can't remember which basket I used (sorry) for the programs at church but I am thinking it was a small gathering again I decorated that, too.

I'll check and see if I have any pictures - hope I do :)

Also, my cake was iced in the "basket weave" motif. Most cake decoraters offer this as an option. That I do have a picture of.

Hope this is helpful. Have a great time planning the big event. If you have any questions, just e-mail me.

Tina in NJ

I was married about two years ago, before I became a consultant.  I also had a basket weave cake, it was my husband's idea!!!  All of my friends and family got the connection between the cake frosting and my love of baskets!
I had twin flower girls.  They each carried a Small Comforts basket.  My florist arranged two beautiful flower displays right inside each basket.  My flower was a daisy!  I love daisies.  In Dresden, I found really cute wooden daisy tie-ons.  The flower baskets were adorable!!  I gave the baskets to the flower girls as gifts, and like any good collector, I had one for myself also!!!
I also gave each of my bridesmaids a small gatehouse basket as a thank you gift! 
(On a side not, when I visited my florist, he had an amazing arrangement inside an umbrella basket.  He said he gets tons of orders to make fake arrangements in Longaberger baskets all the time!!)
Just some food for thought for ya!!
ME in OH

I believe these were originally posted to the vine - I have personally used
both and even give copies to customers/hostesses who make purchases as
wedding gifts.  Hope this helps, Christina - KY

First a sponge, a simple meaning
Helps you in your daily cleaning
May you recall another day
When Jesus washed all sins away.

Then, some bread, to break and eat
A simple sign, a tasty treat.
May God provide your daily needs
And both your soul and body feed.

Some seasoning, for seasons change
And sometimes plans are rearranged
When God adds challenges to your life
His love will guide you through the strife.

Last, sweet candies can be found
That sweetness in your life abound
May God send blessings on your way
And help you see them everyday.

This little basket, filled with prayers
That God will keep you in his care
And bless your home and family
Wherever you may be.


Marriage Survival Basket:
Match - to spark the coals, which will smolder and glow with the warmth of
your love.
Red Yarn - to tie around your finger so you can remember to say "I love you"
at least twice a day.
Paper & Pencil - to keep track of your blessings.
Soap - for pure & natural clean living.
Mirror - to reflect on your life as you build it together, always magnifying
the positive.
Tissues - to wipe the inevitable tears away.
Chewing gum - to add flavor and freshness.
Band-Aids - to help small hurts heal.
Candle - to soften the glare of everyday bustle with a romantic glow.
Shiny Penny - for Luck.
Paper Clip - to help you keep things together.
Antacid - for the occasional upsets you encounter.
Analgesic - to soothe the headaches in any relationship.
Highlighter - to make the important times in your life stand out.
Eraser - to rub away the problems of the day.
Safety pins - to keep you safely "stuck on" one another.
Crazy Straws - to keep a sense of humor in even the most mundane tasks.
Ruler - to measure your love as it deepens.
Perfume - Wings to scent the night and let you fly.
Flashlight - to light the way through dark times.
Rolling pin - to smooth all the bumps along the way.
Hershey's Hugs & Kisses - to help you think of each other when you're
Christina Vail



Recipe for
“A Happy Marriage”

Take two happy people and separate them from their parents.
Add the following ingredients in generous proportions:

Hope Truth

Mix together, and then thoroughly sift in daily life.
Strain out jealousy, arrogance, selfishness, provocation and accounting of wrongs.
Bake in the trials and tribulations of life for 50 years, and then celebrate when golden.

Pat Federowic



I won first place at the 1999 Bee, Showcase Gallery, with this verse and my display of it and two other verses (I call this one Basket of Firsts).  It is nice printed out on pretty paper and enclosed with the small gifts in a Cake Basket or whichever basket you choose to give as a bridal shower gift.  A smaller basket will take smaller sizes of the items to be placed in the basket.  Best of business and personal luck to all of you ~ Jo Garner


As you begin your married life together,
reach into this Basket of Firsts.
Some of these items you may truly need,
and some you may just plain enjoy!

A bottle of bubble bath,
for your first bath together.

A pair of candles,
for your first romantic dinner.

A box of Band-Aids,
for your first fight.

A box of tissues,
for your first sad movie.

A dish towel,
for your first holiday together.

A package of pretty napkins,
for the first time you entertain.

A wooden spoon and potholders,
for the first time you cook together.

A fire extinguisher,
for the first time someone burns dinner!

A journal to record all of the beautiful memories
of your life together!

Best Wishes!!!





Several weeks ago someone asked for ideas on hosting a "couples" bridal shower.

I have given several over the years.
But two gift giving "theme" ideas that are fun are:
 "Around The Clock" shower.
Assign each guest a different time of the day or night.
They they are to buy a gift appropriate for that time of the day.
This gives them a wide range of items to buy.
A 6 AM time could give a coffee pot, toaster. or an alarm clock, etc.
4 PM could be garden equipment. ( When it is a couples shower is is nice to give something for the groom. Although he would probably have golf clubs than garden equipment!!)
The 10 PM time could give lingerie.
I think you get the idea. 
Second is to have the guests give their favorite recipe. Ask them  to include the items  to make it with AND/OR to make in.
They could give their favorite lasagna recipe and the ingredients. They could add the pan if they chose to.
This is nice if people are invited to several showers for the same wedding couple. They can spend accordingly.
An don't forget the idea is to enjoy the festivities with the special couple.
Carol/ Waunakee WI