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What is Vonda's Vine?  It is a 5 times weekly networking "newsletter" compiling ideas, thoughts, works of many into an individual e-mail and is re-sent to Vonda's Vine subscribers.  Taking part is easy - you need to register as you will be instructed below.  Then, participate by simply e-mailing Vonda's Vine or logging into the interactive area.

Features of Vonda's Vine include:

  • Monday thru Friday daily regular Vonda's Vine **

  • FOR SALES - Listing of retired Longaberger® Items UP TO 15 PER WEEK, FREE AT THIS TIME

  • CARD MINISTRY - sending post cards or otherwise to persons who are in need

  • PRAYER MINISTRY - Our Christian friends love to join you in prayers to our Father in Heaven

  • RECIPES submitted by users

  • WISH LIST / FLYERS  -- do you have extra paperwork?  or maybe you need a few more yourself!

  • LOOKING FOR - WOW your customers by locating a hard to find item just for them!

  • TOOLBOX is a valuable resource of show ideas, games, printable handouts, etc.

  • Optional subscriber profiles

  • Vonda's Vine Specials -- special offers from vendors -- just for Vonda's Vine members

**There will be a few days with no Vine because of personal issues, vacation, etc.  

Vonda's Vine is a unique way for women to share their love of baskets, & so much more ... other products, family, etc.

 In a positive, upbeat way - we network.

We share ideas for shows, product uses, tools that have worked for us personally and professionally, etc.


Everyone is invited to participate in the exchange.


This is a place that is safe.  We maintain a Christian atmosphere and in that spirit our sharing is more beneficial to all.  Please know this in advance.  


Would you like to subscribe to Vonda's Vine?


The subscription period runs from October 1 to September 30 each year .  

The subscription rate is as follows:

Subscribe between September 1 and December 31 - $25.00


Subscribe between January 1 and March 31 - $18.75


Subscribe between April 1 and June 30 - $14.00


Subscribe between July 1 and September 30 -   $10.50

PERSONAL CHECK or MONEY ORDER is the preferred method of payment. Send payment to: Amy McGinness, PO Box 57, Redmon, IL 61949. You may also pay by Pay Pal - my account there is abasket@indy.net  .  You will be added as a regular subscriber upon receipt of your payment. You won't have to do anything more on the website, I'll do it!

If you have never subscribed to Vonda's Vine in the past you may choose a FREE trial subscription to our daily exchange.  This trial subscription is available only to those who have not subscribed in the past or have already had a free trial subscription.  (If you've subscribed before - it may show up that you are still in the system - please contact me to activate your account.)

  Please read the black print below before subscribing! 


Do not forward Vonda's Vine to persons who are not subscribers. While the goal of Vonda's Vine is to SHARE and

build our businesses together and enhance other aspects of our lives at the same time, it is not ethical to forward Vonda's

Vine to people who are not paid subscribers. This action is grounds for immediate termination of your subscription with no refund.


If you are going to be gone at any time and do not want to receive the Vine during that time, please change your receive settings to interactive account (log-in to pick up your vines) or utilize the BLOCK capability of your e-mail system.  When you return, simply unblock.  If you choose block/unblock, you will not receive vines during that period.  Vines on-site remain for two weeks before deleted.

Regarding advertisement.  SELF promotion is not allowed.  If you own a business, you can NOT come on Vonda's Vine and promote yourself.  If one of your customers recommends your business that is acceptable.  We want to know about products and services ... but we only want to hear from satisfied customers!!  Thank you for honoring this!

Advertisement of your website or any other website or service(s) that parallel what Vonda's Vine does, will not be posted.  Please do not solicit from the Vonda's Vine members in this way.

As a courtesy to me and other Vine members you should keep an up to date virus protection program running on your system.  Beware of attachments from ALL incoming e-mail.  As stated before, I do not send attachments unless stated in the subject line of the e-mail.  When you protect your own system, you are in turn protecting me -- and the entire Vine.  I do NOT open attachments.

Sorry, no refunds.  I offer the trial subscription so you can know what the Vine is about before making a payment.

Your request for a trial subscription and/or subscription payment is your verification that you have read the items outlined here and that you agree to maintain a POSITIVE format on Vonda's Vine. You agree Vonda's Vine is not a gripe format.  You agree to NOT harvest email addresses for personal use.  You agree to be NICE!!!!   You agree to have FUN with us!! I reserve the right to not post something I feel does not fit into this criteria.

Enjoy the new friendships and information you will be sharing!!!


    • Do not use CAPS -- that looks like you are yelling.

    • Please refrain from words like "Darn", "Gosh", etc. -- these words, while not HORRIBLY bad -- are derivatives of harsher language and in the "Gosh" case -- that derivative is of taking the Lord's name in vain.

    • Regarding FOR SALES ...  This is currently a FREE service for members of Vonda's Vine.  Limit of 15 items per week.  NO current items.  Should not be items you've purchased at Homestead® or elsewhere.  List item, price and how they can contact you.  

    • PLEASE NOTE:  There are no Vonda's Vine from sundown Friday night through sundown Saturday night - this is the day I worship and spend with my family. Because I am an individual -- there may be other days when the Vine is not sent, as far as possible these will be announced ahead of time.

    • Note also that ALL new subscriptions begin as e-mail vines.  Only paid, current subscribers can log into the interactive area and change their receive preferences.  Paid e-mail receivers can still log into the site. 

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If you have subscribed in the past - you might get a message that says your account has not expired.

Please contact me and I'll activate your account!  You won't need to do anything with this form!

QUESTIONS?  Just contact Vonda  vonda@vondasvine.com


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Trade name infringement is actionable under common law and Section 43(a) of the Lanham Act, 15 U.S.C. section 1125(a).